Payday today

What light would you lust after for a maximum price of US$30.

Remember I own a lot of lights, so something unusual that I don't already have would interest me more than another Ultrafire C3 with an XM-L in it.

I might build one of those - complete with 3A driver (If I can find one that fits) just for fun. It'll still be an Ultrafire C3 but I might just get it hot enough to melt solder - adds a whole new set of fun failure modes. ;)

Just interested to see ideas - I'm not a fan of zoom lights though.

Do you have a solarforce skyline yet? You can pick one of those up for $30. It's tempted me more than once.

Edit for link:

or Skyline II

I have a Skyline 1. I don't know why but the Skyline 2 has never appealed to me.

Good thought though, thanks.

You are a tough one. you have so many lights and most of the lights I can think of probalby aren't going to cut it. The Nextorch Mytorch 1xAA is $30 in the US. That'd be a little different as its computer programmable. I'm not sure you can get it for $30 where you are though.

I find the design of the Tank007 TK737 to be extremely appealing. In fact I have one in the mail right now from BestOfferBuy. The 5-mode with a good low mode is quite hard to find. I'm hoping that the one I order arrives as per specifications. Tank007 usually has quite high quality products for a good price. I suspect you could probably even mod it with some other emitter too, if you wanted.

And since the Tank007 TK737 is so inexpensive, you'll have money left over for a quick cheapo light that also looks pretty good for the price.


Now that is an interesting idea. I'll be in the US in August so I'll maybe look out for one of those then - I'll be in the same place long enough to get stuff shipped there.

I'll have a good look at that one. Thanks.

I just found that manafont does have the Nextorch for $35 so its almost at your budget.

They have a good description of it here:

Thanks for that. It isn't an output monster but that does mean way better runtimes. I'm certainly going to think hard about that one.

That's why I asked, there's always stuff I've not thought of or noticed that other folks have.

Thanks again.

And it is on sale at the battery junction site for less than $30

Yup the Tanks that I have are nice lights. But I already have a few PowerLights. Still, personally I'm just not a fan of zoomies. This will be one of the better ones though.

Thanks for the suggestions. I could just get 8 powerlights - can't beat the runtime. Even if a decent alkaline AA here will cost more than they did.

The Powerlight that I linked to adds a new feature- It disassembles on both ends. Slightly different color too. I'm curious.

You could also try that xtar rechargeable light on special on that thread around here.

That one also looks good.

So many lights. So little money :(

BestOfferBuy's price is excellent for that Tank007. If the specs are right, I'm sure you'll love it Mr. Admin.

I don't have a recommendation for Don, though. I have a question: Which XM-L lights do you already have, Don?

Not all that many. Most of mine are mods.

A few XM-Ldropins from Manafont and KD and an EastwardYJ J06 from DX.

I want more of them that I don't need to mod.

I don't own any XM-L lights (yet), but how about the popular KD C8 CREE XM-L T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight?


I have the OP one that FlashPilot reviewed and I just received the smooth reflector version. To me, it has the same (or close enough) amount of spill but the throw is noticeably stronger. If I could only have one, I'd get the one with the smooth reflector. It's $26.34. For the money, this light is going to be hard to beat.

It's a little over your price range, but it needs no mods.

1. Three modes low, medium and high, no stupid strobe modes.

2. Brighter than my brightest light, my KD-C8.

3. An XML thrower, hard to believe but what a hot spot.

4. Absolutely awesome heat transfer.

5. Great threads and a real quality feel.

6. Put a little lube on the o rings, pop a battery in and it's play time.

Did I mention how much I love this light.

Nice looking light, E1320! I like how it has 3 usable modes. Is the stainless steel assault crown removable?

Yeah it's removable and needs to be "foyerized". At least the manufacturers are starting to get the hint about the stupid strobe modes, next improvement assault crown delete.