PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS IN OP Spark SF3/SF5 Flashlights + SG3/SG5 Headlamps —— CW or NW —— $44 shipped w/tracking – minimum met!

Does anyone know the voltage of either the 5 series or the 3 series? The website does not show the information. I am just wondering how low they stay in regulation.

I thought I had heard about sparks with Luxeon emitters, but they are nowhere to be found :quest:
Anyway, count me in for a SF3!

The data on the website shows both the 3 and 5 series at 1.6 to 4.2 volts.

Edit: This review lists 0.9 to 4.2 volts. I was wondering how it could run on an eneloop if it required 1.6 volts.

jmpaul320, can you ask hkequipment if they can give us who want the SG headlamp, a combo deal on the optional spot reflector which is $9.99 normally, for maybe $6 extra, for an even $50? This right here:

Spark Textured Reflector Set for SG Series Headlight

put me down for one SG3 NW. Been looking at headlamps for a friend, this would seem to fit the bill nicely.

yes - I will inquire about the reflector - I just sent another email


come on blf! we are half way there :slight_smile: (livin on a prayer???) sorry.

Nice, I was looking at these just a few days ago.

Put me down for an sg5 neutral. I’d also get one of those spot reflectors if that is possible.

44$, that’s a bit steep for so small flashlight! I guess Spark is not giving it “cheap” actually all of their light are WOW priced…
Can I use blfdemigod’s tactic and offer $15? :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in.
Will get 1 SG5-NW. This will be my first headlight.

BTW, does the package include the head strap? Or you need to buy it separately?

Comeon Sirius, $15 for a $59 lamp? Not even I would dare suggest that absurd price! But to be honest, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a lower price, say $40 even , but if not, then $44 works for me too. I am also astounded by how much these sparks retail for. $59 seems way too high for this brand, at least make the price 2/3rds-3/4th of a zebralight, but not as much as a zebralight!

I was going to get a zebralight, but feel they are too expensive as well for what they are. But the SG3, looks really good to me with that carbon-fiber sleeve, and takes 16340 batteries! I wish spark would make another headlamp model as well, that could fit a single 18350 battery, and push out 650+ lumens!

Can we get 25 people! I really want that SG3, but only at $44, at $49 I'm out!

If the SG3 came with both reflectors I’d be in, but $11.50 for the extra reflector? Definitely out.
I’d do $44 for the SG3+throw reflector. The SF3 has it and I don’t need the headstrap, I just need a right-angle light.

Spark finishes are always on the TOP, zebralights finishes…. sometimes good ….sometimes …. puaf.

As far as I know it only comes one way in retail packaging. It comes with the strap and the clip.

Thanks mhanlen.

hkequipment added a code for the reflector for $8

code added to OP

I’m tempted by the SG5 but I already have so many headlamps including a Spark 18650 model. I use it everyday at work.

Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

What! Is that too much J)
Zebralight and Spark (among others like Armytek) are seriously overpriced + chinese carbon is really cheap especially because you don’t need high strength and thickness carbon like for bicycle components/frames…
A year ago or so I was really excited about bike light that they were getting ready to release (SDB100) and when they finally did, price was like $160+ and I was like:

Only had I not ordered the Armytek Wizard pro from hkequipment two weeks ago…

Long time lurker, first time poster…

Great forum!

Count me in for one (SG3 in NW). Thanks.