PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS IN OP Spark SF3/SF5 Flashlights + SG3/SG5 Headlamps —— CW or NW —— $44 shipped w/tracking – minimum met!


I will PM instructions/coupon codes to avoid the MAP police


Tracking is included (per the original correspondence with HKE) - there is no need to add another $2 when ordering

After several emails back and forth with HKequipment they are willing to do a group buy for the Spark SF3/SF5/SG3/SG5 flashlights and headlamps. All models are offered in Cool white or neutral white. We need to get a minimum of 25 pieces between all the models offered. The price will be $44 with tracking shipped world wide per piece if we can get the 25 pieces.

Once we get the required amount of people that are in, I will email Hkequipment for a special link or code for the lights.

Can we get 25 pieces total? Please post here if you are in and how many pieces total you are ordering please.

Edit! HK equipment is willing to proceed with 18 pieces!!!!!

Reviews are here:

Master list:
1 jmpaul320 - SF5-NW

2 Windup - SF5-NW

3 Racer - SF3-NW

4 NLE - SF5-NW

5 lopedvega - SF5-NW

6 watkins - SG5-NW

7 trevi lux - SF3-NW

8 Lithium - SF3 NW and a SG3-NW+Spot Reflector

9 Allan D - SG5-NW + spot reflector

10 Blfdemigod - SG3-NW

11 netprince - SG5-NW+spot reflector

12 strongest2004 - SG5-NW

13 Airbreaker - SG3-NW

14 woody - SG5-NW+spot reflector

15 cainn - SF5-NW

16 southcovekayak - SG3-NW

17 bawilson2 SG3-NW

18 whitebuffalo - SG5-NW+Spot Reflector

19 Marc E - 2 x NW SG5s and 2 x spot reflectors

20 Syracuse - sg3-nw

21 relic38 - sf5-nw

22 xelario -sf5-nw

23 quandeel

25 pieces total so far

In case the group buy doesnt happen - there coupon codes to bring them down to $49 (tracking is $2 extra):

SG5 and SG3 coupon code are SG5CWoff, SG5NWoff, SG3CWoff and SG3NWoff

SF3NW - SF3NWoff

SF5 - SF5NWoff

Reflector code - SGRfoff - brings it to $8 shipped

Very tempted but I’m just a maybe at the moment.

Count me in for one. :beer:

Thank you, jmpaul320 and hkequipment! Order changed to SF3 NW.

I’m in for one. I’ve been eyeing this one for quite a long time.

I’m in if they can swap one for a SF3? They’re basically the same price.

I am in for one .

Man, so temped. May join in later.

Thanks for the GB!

+1 I like the SF3 more, but love the SG3 the most. Count me in if the SF3/SG3 can be substituted instead. They all seem to be the same price roughly.

op updated

i emailed hkequip asking about the SF3


I will also inquire about the SG3/5 headlamps.

Updated OP

also inquired about the SG3/5NW headlamps

If he gives the nod on the SG3 headlamp, then please put me in that category! If not, I think I might just pass on the SF3/SF5. Thanks

At the least there will be a coupon for the head lamps

Is it possible to have one with luxeon T emitter ?
I might be in for a SF3. Are they really delivered with both “reflectors” ?

I’m in for “group buy” SF3.

Some months ago, my review in spanish about SF5:

its not possible to get them to change the emitter

yes they come with both reflectors.

They are willing to include the sg3/5 in the group buy as well!!

I’d be interested in an SG5 NW.

Amazing news jmpaul320. Thanks man! SG3 it is!

I might be buying both of the headlamps as well - depends on how many pieces we get lol.

in my experience hkequipment ships fast - my last shipment from them (with tracking) took 8 days - and their customer service always responds in a few hours

I’m in for one SG5-NW

Edit: I would also like the spot reflector.