Paypal Ebay .. Disputes and Cases

What is your advice concerning disputes on ebay ? how fast should you make it a case ?

I saw that DX said you can only have 1 dispute .. Has anyone seen this on DX ??

I think you can do one 10 days after you buy an item if it doesn't show up.

Any question or problem, I'd do it right away. Had to do a Paypal claim to get a refund out of DX. Never again.


I normally contact the sellers after 10 days from payment if they are in the US/UK/other western countries, or after 30 days if they're from HK/China.

Most agree to refund at that point (or tell me to wait another week and then refund).

If they don't, I would open a PayPal dispute at day 42 from purchase (so that time zones difference would not pose a problem).

But I only had to do it once, and then the (US!) seller didn't even bother to contact PayPal back and they refunded me the entire sum.