PD68 Modder's / Parts sale. - Courui D01 added

I still use my flashlights and I probably still have 10+, but I haven’t modded anything in over a year so it’s time to clear out some parts before they get too outdated to be worth anything. I would love to combine shipping on multiple items to make things cheaper. Make me an offer if you think I’m too high; I want this stuff gone.

Newly added: Modded Courui - PhotoAlbum SOLD

Good condition. The ano on these lights was never very thick, so there a couple nicks but no abuse. Reflector is very good.

Has dedomed XP-G2 on a Noctigon, spring bypasses, simple 3-mode FET driver, and I added a physical lockout switch on the tail.

I’m thinking $40 + free shipping in US, or best offer.

1. TM16 Project - Photo Album SOLD

The plan was to convert this to 4-series and go quad XHP35 HI. I was using a standard 3v FET driver with power bled off a single cell while controlling the 12v feed. I had it all done, just needed to assemble and tweak the firmware.

Then I killed an emitter and I was fed up with the whole thing so it went in a box.

Everything in great condition. The reflector and lens went in a ziploc bag on day one and never came out, so they should be clean and ready to go.

Includes the original mcpcb, emitter, and driver. So if you want to rewire it I think you should be able to get it back to a normal TM16. Not 100% on that though.

Includes the 4 XHP35’s on modified sinkpads (1 dead) and 2 matching new bare emitters if you want to complete the project.

$50 + shipping


2. Crelant 7G3CS Project/Host - Photo Album SOLD

Good condition, just a few marks on the tailcap from trying taking the retaining ring off. I took the tail apart to design an illuminated tailcap pcb (never happened), and never got back to it. Includes all the original parts except no driver. There is a shaved-dome Nichia 219c on a Noctigon/Sinkpad already installed with wires going into the driver cavity.

$15 + free shipping in US

3. March C8 Working Light - Photo Album SOLD

Light has been unaltered. Seems to have a pretty nice driver but the emitter is fairly blue. The ano and build is probably the nicest C8 I have seen to date.

This was given to me free by another member, so it is free to the first person that claims it. You just pay shipping. Comment below and PM with your postal code so I can get a shipping quote.


4. Illuminated tailcap parts box - Photo SOLD

Includes the rest of my 0805 and 0603 LED emitters, potentiometers, mini slide switches, Oshpark pcbs, and a bunch of resistors. Not pictured: clear silicone boot covers, more pcbs, and more resistors.

I’m not sure what this is worth. $15 + shipping?

5. The big parts box - Photo Album SOLD

This is pretty much everything else. If you are only interested in a few things feel free to ask, but I would prefer to send it all together to keep it simple.

You will get:

  • Picture 1: Two-sided blue parts box / tackle box. Very nice with adjustable dividers. Note: only about half of what you will get fits in this organizer.
  • Picture 2: The contents of the blue parts box. A couple optics, some bare emitters, X6 triple mcpcb and aluminum heatsink, bare sinkpads, driver pcbs (my own designs mostly, published previously on BLF), silicone tailcap covers (black and green), a few sheets of DC Fix, plus more not pictured.
  • Picture 3: All of my driver parts including MCUs, FETs, Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, etc. Much of it not even opened after delivery from Arrow. I think the picture shows all of the MCUs, but lots of other stuff not pictured.
  • Pictures 4 and 5: Random other parts including battery holders for test rigs, DIY battery chargers, clips, etc. A few others not pictured.
  • Picture 6: Illumination Machines LUM 5-90 reflector that Old-Lumens made famous. I aquired this a long time ago and never found a good host for it. Has been in a plastic container to protect it.

It’s a lot of stuff that will probably cost a fair bit to ship. $45 + free shipping in US?

Those are a lot of nice parts! I’m sure there wil be a few happy modders who can used it all very well!

I would be really interested to know where you got the battery carriers.

Very nice stuff too.

Shipping kills it outside of the US though.

Will take TM16 Project
+March C8

To be clear I am willing to ship to Canada (or other locations), but you’re right it certainly adds a fair bit of cost.

I know. But shipping adds a fair bit of cost, as you said.

Oh… that big box looks yummy!

I’ll take the tailcap parts box. Number 4 on your list.

I will take the “Big Parts Box” #5
PM sent.

Everything pending sale except #2

Added Courui

Wow, ” CRX “that made a big change in appearance, you can see the machining detail much better. Nice idea, I’m sure I’ve seen you in the “Enterprise” Engineering Room sometime ago. Beer

Too many tabs open CNCman? :smiley:

Nice sale PD :+1:

Courui still available