PD68 Sale: Custom Solarforce L2n Quad, Shadow JM30 - ALL SOLD

USA Only. All prices include CONUS shipping, buyer pays international shipping.


Solarforce L2n Quad

This is a beautiful light. Gives very soft, even light with the light-frosted lens. It has a very nice look to it with the SS parts. Currently it is not driven very hard, the big copper pill could handle more heat if you wanted to do a driver swap.

See this thread on how I converted it to fit a quad but note, the driver is different now.

- Four XP-G2 S3’s, two 3D tint and two 3C

- 3.8amp wight pzl driver. (Linear, 7135 based)

- L2n host

- B6 stainless bezel

- S12 stainless tailcap (converted to reverse-clicky)

  • Generic Solarforce-style steel clip (matte/beadblasted finish)

Modified blf a6 firmware:

  • 2 mode groups

  • L>M>H

  • Moon>L>M>H

The extra solarforce parts make the host pretty expensive, plus I have a lot of time in the mod.
I’m asking $55 $50 $45 SOLD

Mod Hosts

Shadow JM30 - Host is in good shape though the driver retaining screws had to be drilled out, so you will need new screws. Includes the original driver, but I believe it is not working. To make up for that, you will get the emitter that’s currently in there, a shaved XHP70 on Sinkpad.
$20 or $12 with the L2n. Add $2 and I’ll include two purple 26350 cells. SOLD

Jacob A60 - This is actually a fully functioning light, but it was one of my early mods that I never revisited. Consider it a project.
$15 Sold

Modded Convoy L2

I really like this light but I don’t have a practical use for a medium-sized thrower, so it’s time to let her go.

- Clean host, almost perfect condition. I only see one nick in the ano on the tailcap.

- XP-L HI emitter, I believe it is 5A tint, gorgeous neutral, leaning towards rosy.

- PD TripleStack driver (see my signature if you’re curious)

  • Amber illuminated tailcap which looks great with this host.

Modified bistro FW
forgive me if I get a detail wrong, it’s been a while since I built this one

- Temp monitoring, mode reversing

  • 2 main mode groups:

  • 3modes, L>M>H + moon toggle

  • Strobe group: ramp, batt check, police strobe, random strobe
    “Hidden modes” is just batt check

$65 SOLD

I just realized I have the Convoy box and extender tube to run 2x26650 so I will include that as well. *Note: the current driver can not be used with 2S cells.

Olight S15R

Comes in the original packaging and includes all accessories, including Olight 14500 cell and magnetic charging dock.
Only thing that has been changed is the emitter, which is now an XM-L2 7a tint. It’s a small change, but it makes this an entirely different light. The original emitter was unusable because of the harsh blue tint. With the charging base and warm tint, this would make a perfect bedside light.

$22 Sold

LD-3 driver

I don’t really know anything about this driver, other than it’s predecessors the LD-1 and LD-2 were very, very popular. Comes still sealed in the static bag from Led4Power.

$10, or $8 with another item. Sold

I’ll take the olight and the ld-3 driver if available:)


L2 and L2n still available.

Payment sent:)

LightRider’s items are going to the post office now, price drops on the other two. Wanting to sell fast.

edit: Added mod hosts and updated L2 info.

Interested in the L2. PM inbound.


We worked out international shipping. It’s expensive, but if someone else really wants the L2n shipped internationally I can get a quote.

Price drop on the L2n, I don’t think I’ll go much lower, if any.

PD, I’d like that Jacobs if it’s still available.


PayPal sent for Jacobs A60, thanks man…. somehow this little staple has eluded me over the years, I know it’s a neat light but I have my much liked Solarforce M8 and always figured the Jacobs to be a smaller clone of this so I just never took the plunge.

My son will be 10 next month, perhaps it’s time he had a Jedi light saber! :smiley:


Added 26350’s to JM30 listing.

I’m not going any lower on the L2n.

Final bump

I will take:
SolarForce L2N quad
Shadow JM30
plus 2x26350 batteries

That’s 59$, right?

PM’d about shipping costs.

All sold! Thanks