Peak lights

Is anybody particularly familiar with peak lights? It looks like the Eiger only comes in the ultra version now with the larger head. Does it really make any sense for the aaa format with that big head or is it best to go with the captain? With either light how does the medium va narrow optics compare?

I have Eiger Ultra with XP-G2 and medium optics. It’s already very floody. Overal not as powerful as I tend to use nowadays but nevertheless one of the best lights in my collection.

I have several Peak Eiger lights and find the quality outstanding. As far as I know, all versions are still available.
In the AAA format, the medium is still a bit floody with the narrow being better for a bit of throw.
Kind of ambivalent about the QTC. It is finicky but useful at times. I have some with and some without.
Sorry but I do not have the Ultra.

I have owned several Eigers and they’re no longer viable lights IMO. The main problem is the UI—the QTC just doesn’t work that well. It isn’t really possible to consistently dial in an output and leave it, the slightest movement will cause it to jump up and down and it tends to flicker. There is no reason to choose QTC when e-switches w/ramping UI provides the same benefit with no downside.

They also use outdated LEDs, they were still using the original XP-G when last I checked. I do really like their designs and build quality, it just seems they have been left in the dust by new technology.

Kinda agree with mbp. The QTC is not very accurate and will flicker a bit especially on lowest output.
I now have a few that are single mode lights. I don’t mind the QTC so much as most of the time I just need light. Don’t really care if it is High CRI or blindingly bright. I have been buying my Peaks in level 4, single mode.
I mainly buy them because they are extremely well built and made in the USA.