Pelican M6 Triple Nichia 219

Back story time! My aunt picked up a Pelican M6 from a garage sale quite some time ago, I looked at it opened it up to see what i could do with it. Figured i’d swap her for the Garrity XP-G light I modded since it’d be easier for her to have AAs instead of CR123s(or a 17670). At first I thought i’d want to make an XML pocket rocket, but a recent sale on Illumination Supply on the Nichia 219s made up my mind.

Parts ordered, 3 up Illumination Supply MCPCB Narrow Optic 3 amp driver set on low/high And 3 Nichia 219s to finish it off

Found a heavy duty aluminum door handle among the junk I have laying around…PERFECT and just the right diameter. Cut a few hunks off of it to make the base for the pill. Decided to take a P60 reflector I previously modified and cut it up and drill it out to add to the whole shebang.

While testing fitting things and getting height requirements…things broke :~

Thankfully the world has JB Weld!

All the parts for the “light engine” accept for a piece of copper to put the driver in.

Completed light engine

All done. It wasn’t perfect, I did bore the body to fit 18650s and went off center and took a chunk out of the body at one end and filled it with magical JB Weld. Also the battery has a magnet on the tip to reach the driver spring or it won’t function. Want to get a Solarforce tailcap but now i’m worried that the spring depth will change.

A beamshot I took at some super low exposure with the light on high.

All in all i’m happy with it. It fills the any area it’s in with light. And with the temps in the 50s here it nicely warms the hand up as well if you grab the head.

great job! Nichia 219s give out a lovely light, especially indoors. Looks like you made excellent use of JB weld too :slight_smile: