Pen Turning

Is anybody here in to pen turning? I am starting to develop an interest and was just wondering if anybody else here makes pens.

What are you turning?
Are you using exotic woods?
I love to see nice knife scales/handgun grips/ pen bodies in woods like
ironwood/ amboyna burl/ purple heart, etc.

I haven’t done anything yet but my soon to be son-in-law has been doing it for quite a while and he has me interested. He has made me several pens using exotic woods as well as one with deer antler and another one in buffalo horn.

He and my daughter did custom handles for a very nice Spyderco knife for my retirement. They worked long and hard on that and I am very proud of it. I am looking for some way to display it if anybody has any ideas for that.

Do you have a photo of the Spyderco?

Sure sounds like a wonderful gift. And son in law :-)

I'd also love seeing some pictures of that.

Pictures or it didn’t happen! :wink:

Pictures are coming. This is the first knife they ever did and it gave them a lot of trouble. And then they took it to somebody to have it laser engraved and that guy did a poor job. But it still looks perfect to me. The kids used ironwood burl with mammoth ivory inlay.

My buddy made me a copy of his Hinderer investigator pen out of aluminum. I don’t carry it cause I don’t like cap pin’s (I carry a simple G2) but it’s really nice, it took a ton or operations tho, there’s a lot easier designs. Are you talking about doing it on wood or metal? Clicky or a cap? What cartridges?

What spyderco is it they made the scales for?

They did a Paramilitary 2. I would be doing wood to start and then maybe try antler. Chris has been doing mostly pens that twist but recently he has been using a bolt action kit that is pretty neat.

I think I am going to give this a try and I have been gathering supplies to try to modify some of my flashlights as well.