Penlight suggestions for medical use

I work in a hospital where a penlight is often used. I initially bought a cheap one from Amazon, but it’s constantly turning on by itself and falling off my coat because the clip is weak. I’m also wanting a stronger LED as I initially thought a weak one would be better to not disturb patients, but I am not really using it for that purpose anymore.

Any suggestions for a 1x or 2x AAA penlight? My only desire is a tail switch. Ability to have a “moonlight” mode with very low output for examining eyes would be great too but not absolutely necessary. I might just get a Coast penlight since they seem to have decent reviews and are cheap. Streamlight looks decent, but I feel like I’m just paying for the name.

Foursevens Preon.
Available in single or 2 aaa.
Available in black nickel or copper.

The copper is very nice.

Maybe Wurkkos WK01 or WK02 would be the right thing for you...

In post #2 you find my review of both lights.

Here‘s another video review of WK02...

Both lights offer HighCRI (when choosing 4.000K tint), constant current regulation, good mode spacing and a great performance/price ratio. The only thing these lights do not provide is a very low moonlight mode for eyes examination.

There was a recent discussion about penlights for members of the medical field on Reddit. It’s worth a read and has a few good suggestions from several EMTs and physicians.

I’m not a medical professional, but I like the Lumintop IYP365. Here’s an Amazon link.

It has a Nichia 219C emitter with high CRI for accurate color rendering. My sample always starts on medium, but I see in the Amazon reviews that newer models seem to have mode memory.

Wow! Did not expect such a wide selection. The Lumintop IYP365 looks good. I did consider the Reylight Pineapple Mini, but it’s more than I’d like to spend as there’s a high likelihood of losing the light. Foursevens Preon looks good too but also more than I want to spend.

Sucks that the Wurkkos WK01 promotion just ended! I would have instant bought it for $12.

I came across the WUBEN E19 which looked decent, but both the Lumintop and Wurkkos are cheaper and I like the brightness modes better. Leaning towards the Lumintop quite a bit.

I will ask Wurkkos and try to get you a new discount code for WK01. ;-)

That would be fantastic! I think my Dad would be easily convinced to buy some for my sisters too (they’re also physicians).

I like THIS one. It isn’t high CRI or anything but it works.

That’s very nice of you, L-P! :+1:

I got the ‘older’ 2xAAA WK01 when they were on clearance on Amazon, and I like it.

I also have an E19, but mine is the UV version. I really like it, and was pleasantly surprised that the switch boot is hard plastic, not rubber.

New promo codes for WK01 and WK02 are work-in-progress, now. I‘ll send you a PM as soon as I get them.

Thank you. If you like the first version of WK01 chances are good you will like the new version, too. :-) Both tint and beam shape of the SST20 are really nice. The tailclicky is quite firm, not too cushy so that accidental activation should not occur that easily.

Hmm, perhaps I’ll also need a coupon code. :smiley:

Do the new models have forward-clicky switches?

Lo and behold, I have received some new promo codes for Wurkkos WK01 and WK02, see my updated OP on following thread:

SlvrDragon50, goshdogit, I will send you a PM, just in case. :-)

Thank you! Do you think the 2 lumen mode on the WK02 is too bright for looking into eyes? I like the medium setting on the WK02, but a little hesitant on the 2 lumens vs 1 lumen on WK01.

To be honest, even 1 lumen can be too much for examing someone’s eyes. The light in WK01 is also too much focused into a single spot, i.e. the light‘s intensity (lux) is very high. I would not recommend using WK01 or WK02 for this kind of application.

Interesting thanks! Any chance you can estimate the beam size maybe 30cm away from a surface? I think I’ll grab the WK01 since I can always carry two lights and the smaller size will be nice. As long as the surface doesn’t get washed out due to brightness at 30cm, that would be good.

Yeh, I got a coupla A7Ps, too. Pretty nice light, works well with eneloops/amaloops/laddaloops. No stoopit blinkies, always starts on low, simple as dirt.

Just ordered 3 WK01 and 1 WK02 for the family! Should receive it Friday/Saturday and will post some pics!

Use an iPhone? A doctor at the ED used his iPhone flashlight to check my daughter’s pupils…

Yeah. He did it while she was sleeping. That’d make it worse?