Perfect PCBs with extreme high CRI TRi-R 3030 SunLike LEDs for DIY projects

Hello. I want to sell some hundred pcs of my aluminum PCB boards with 3030 SunLike leds from SeoulSemico
I design and draw it by myself
It is for 4-12pcs SunLike 3030 LEDs and 12-25v 60-480mA 12x99x1.6mm
test of 3030 SunLike LEDs on BLF
you can order it here
6$ for worldwide shipping of any order

Hi, i’m about to order some SOL COBs and some Sunlike 3030’s.
But the payment instructions are in Russian?
I don’t know how to proceed…

Just place order, I will give you paypal account


I’m still learning about electrical design, so forgive my ignorance…

So as I plan a project that might use these, I’m looking at the Sunlike 3030’s, which are 6.4V, 200mA max, 150mA nominal, correct?

If so, and I have two series of 6 LEDs, then I would think I would want to supply 900mA at 6.4V to each series of 6 LEDs.

In which case my power supply should be a 6V power supply that supplies 900mA x 1.2 x Qty of PCBs I’d want to power for my project.

So assuming 8 PCBs, I’d be using 7.2A at 6V (43.2 watts).

But then I see on the PCB “18-24V”, which confuses me. Is the PCB converting an 18-24V input to 6.4V for the LEDs?

The LEDs are not arranged all in parallel, some are in series that is why you see that voltage.

in this boards 4P * 3S
3s it is 18v
with CCRs it can be up to 25v. CCR it is like resistors, but some better

Also I have PCBs for 2S - for car lightning C5W and W5W

Also I have 3v SunLike SOL 2835

I can solder it in 3030 pads

Also I have PCB for 75pcs 2835 5P15S
36pcs SunLike 3030 6P6S
PCB for 6S 2835/3030
2S3P 3030

and another in progress…
BA15s 24v (12v with SunLike SOL 2835)
12.5x99x2mm 18pcs 6P3S 3030 6v
12.5x66x2mm 15pcs 15S 2835
~195x290x2mm for 320-440pcs 3030 or 2835 board with 4pcs led driver’s components

s. instead of some LEDs, a jumper can be soldered

Looks amazing for sure.

Perhaps it'd be better for me to give you examples of what I'm trying to accomplish, and you can suggest which products you'd recommend to accomplish them. For sake of simplicity, I'll start with one: I'm looking to simulate a frosted skylight. Roughly 24" x 18" (~ 600mm x 450mm) with a target depth of about an inch (~25mm). My original plan was to edge-light it with strips, combining 2200K, 3000K, and 6000K to be able to gradually follow daylight, and then provide a warm glow at night with minimal blue light. During mid-day, they need to put out a LOT of light, as if sun directly above was hitting frosted glass. I had planned to use their 120led/m, 28.8w/m 24V 2835 strips. Here's the mockup/spec:

Then this is just a rough sketch to give a better feel for what it is in '3d space'.

Of course I still need to figure out a proper method for diffusing the light. I've been collecting broken laptops to save the diffraction layers, but not convinced that's the most practical solution. I assume a simple aluminum sheet on the back and four sides wouldn't be sufficient heatsink, thus the long ends gaining heatsink fins. I have no idea how to adequately anticipate whether this will work as a passive cooling solution, in combination with the two vent/slots on top of each short end. Haven't solved for light leak there either, come to think of it....

The biggest fault of the parts selection that I can see on paper is that the Auxma strips, while very high CRI, negative duv, and not terribly expensive, do have a pronounced blue spike. I would especially like to avoid that when going below 3000K.

I welcome critical feedback on the project in general, but in particular I'm curious if there's a great way to use Sunlike LEDs - at least for the lower CCTs - while having sufficient output and heat management?

try to find aluminium profile here — Каталог продукции

I use this led profile, it is anodized aluminum


s. about CCTs… 2200k it was my own order from the SmartEcoLightong company (6W COB). But their smd 2835 can be 2700k. I will have all of them soon.

s. my 12.5x66x2mm for 15pcs 2835 will be 15S, but also 2P * 7S, so it can be 7pcs 2700k and 7pcs 5700k. But I need to draw it first. and order it in the factory

Good news! I cut some parts and there is place to 2 lines for PCBs

Wow, that’s beautiful! Super beefy though - does it really create enough heat to warrant such a bulky heatsink?

I use 60cm for 48w LED lamp. But 80cm better for this power. LEDs have about 50% efficiency. 50% go to hot, 50% (40%) to light.

Can you do something like this in a G9 base @ 4000K/15W for about 1500 lumens/110V?

They're using 2835's but impossible to get in 4000K.

20cm E27/B22. But it will be heavy ~300g

Sorry, I didn't mean I wanted a base, I was wondering if you could create the above linked light in a 4000K tint?

Yes. 2700 3000 3200 4000 5000 5600k, and mixing

So which things are you using 2835’s for and which are you using 3030’s for? Are you able to get either in 6500K?

No 6500k

I use 2835 and 3030. Everywhere with this boards

Okay, two questions:

1. Has anyone done a full analysis on the 2835’s like the ones that can be found on this forum for the 6v 3030s?

The reason I ask is that I’m planning CCT and tint mixing based on the actual tested CCT and Duv for each rated CCT. I don’t want to assume they’re the same as the 3030’s, as the 3030’s were a lot closer to the BBL than the SunLike bulbs, which tended to be quite a bit more rosy.

2. For my project planning, I’m trying to calculate the amount of power needed, and the resulting lumen output. Would the following be correct for the strips with 12x 3030?

Per LED:
• 150mA @ 6V = 0.9W
• @ 107lm/W => 96.3 lumen output per LED at ‘full’ power.

Per 12-LED Strip:
• 0.9W x 12 = 10.8W
• 96.3lum x 12 = 1156 lumen

Then when selecting a power supply, I can select a 24V power supply as long as it supplies at least 13W for every 12pc strip I plan to power.