Perfecting Olight's Baton series pocket clips.

OK, OK… I didn’t reinvent the wheel here or anything, but there are two important points. First, never be afraid to mod something that just isn’t working for you. Second, even with basic hand tools, this procedure took all of three minutes start to finish.

Removing the little “v” in the pocket clip’s channel has really made a huge difference in how easily the light can be attached to thicker pants but has not affected retention; near as I can tell after more than two weeks since the mod.

Now, if Olight could find a way to make this clip work on these lights so it could carry just as deep bezel down as bezel up, the clip really would be perfect.

I agree bezel down would be best, would help keep the lens or TIR clean. I need to get another clip as well, but crap… 9 bux including shipping.


It makes sense the way they do it if you like to clip it to the bill of your hat.

Fair point. But that doesn’t explain why there isn’t another slot further up the body that would allow the light to be carried bezel down AND just as deep.