Perhaps a good deal for modders who like custom emitters in a handy 1AA format

I snatched a few mainly for the host and driver. Planning to ditch the stock leds and switch them with warm osrams or UV's of choice perhaps even a neutral cree emitter if the emitter could get at least 400-500mA from a 1AA it's probably a good deal. I like the host anyway it it's built like the famous akoray it's a good bargain.


Nice find! But perhaps the electronics and the LED are in the same board and it will not be moddable, as one Lanshi Flashlight I received from manafont.....

If it were moddable and it had clip it should be a best seller

From the pictures i can see the host should bre pretty much like the akoray's so probably can be modded without trouble.

I can see the retaining ring of the led driver. Probably is safe to assume that modding will be rather easy to do.

Nice find thanks for sharing. I will order one and see what I can do with it. It's also notched for a clip so you could easily add one.

I knew some1 is gonna like it. For sure not in stock form. :)

I recieved a few:

Unfortunately moddin will be hard. The driver is a joule thief on a 16mm pcb, press fit into a acrylic tube along with a generic strawhat led. Lens are fortunately 18mm but plastic (20mm ones are hard to find). The reflector is smo and plastic too (obviously). The pill is retained by a very crude thin ring which i was unable to unscrew out but pulled the hard way. Almost broke it. What is needed to mod this one? At the very minimum a pill a retaining ring (if the pill isn't threaded) a driver and emitter. Internal diameter is 18mm which is good for many options. Perhaps a selfmade pill with coins or so would do.

It has not turend out the way i liked but i definitely mod them.

I really wasn't expecting much with this one .

I had higher hopes. A 200-300mA to led boost driver and a ~1W generic led on star.

Iv'e grinded an osram tir optics to fit the tube, made a spacer, put a warm osram in onto the presumably 60mA to led driver. It worked. The beam was ugly to say the least. No amount of focusing mede it right.

Probably best suited for a 18mm cre OP reflector and a cree of some sort.

The amount of fabrication required to make it decent is totally unacceptable. Worh only if you need a body+switch replacement for some akoray or other clones. Threads are also very crude and sharp. Orings barely touch the outer edges so no waterprofness either. Stock emitter is very cold white, leaning toward blue.

Tailcap reading on a 1,45V alkaline is 390mA.