Personal Fire Escape Mask

Hi there!

Somebody that knows where one can order budget, high quality personal fire masks? How is it possible to check if it is SERIOUS stuff that will filter out all kinds of toxic gasses? I found one on Banggood, is this a good buy? And what Led emitting colour has the highest smoke penetrating abilities?

TZL30 Personal Fire Escape Mask Smoke Protection Security Mask for Home Hotel Office

I found one more, a little bit loose sealing around the goggles there lol.
Double Filter Gas Protection Mask Filter Chemical Respirator Mask for Fire Self-help Protection

17 dollars, I wouldn’t trust it. There’s at least one fireman on the board, I hope he will pop-in.

Better than no mask I guess

A serious mask here in Italy cost around 250 euro…

Without any knowledge of the matter, I still wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Inadequate safety equipment can lead to a false sense of security. Also, if it does nothing, or close to nothing, searching for it and putting it on can waste precious seconds that might mean the difference between life and death.

Of course this is all idle speculation, and should be taken with a liberal spoonful of salt…

Its different all around the world. Here in Australia we have a rating system to rate the mask at a certain protection level. China must have a rating system?

Maybe can buy the mask and buy filters in your country? If they fit.

I’m not a fireman but we have SCBA masks to use during a fire.

  • They do NOT filter the air they have their own air supply.
  • They are not inexpensive - we bought several and they were well over $1500 each.

A filter type mask may keep you from coughing up black junk for the next few hours/days but it doesn’t replace the oxygen that the fire is using up or filter out all of the toxins that come from combustion. I don’t think these are going to do what you want them to. If they don’t have an FM Global* (*think UL but for fire systems) rating I would steer clear of them.

EDIT: I wrote FM Global in my earlier post but after looking at the nearest SCBA bag I’m not sure their ratings apply, NFPA seems to be the right approval body for fire fighting gear. Our SCBA says “not for high heat / fire fighting” right on it. Our team & gear isn’t meant to do much more than be near the scene so I guess that’s fine but it’s good to know the limitations instead of assuming my guys would be safe with this gear.

Most often it is the gases that kill not the fire itself. If you are in your apartment unable to flee and it gets filled with gas, standing by the window, on the roof, veranda etc. with lots of smoke, but still with more than 17 % oxygen in the air, an affordable mask without its own oxygen supply would lessen your chance to inhale toxic gas, get disoriented, faint and pass out. Because only one inhale of toxic gas can kill you.

Like 10,000lm flashlights and 12,000mAH 14500s…

If you’re willing to put it to the test, get a mil surplus gas-mask and a bunch of extra filters. Try one right next to a stinky diesel schoolbus and just park yourself behind the tailpipe. See if you can smell any stank from the bus. At the very least, it’d be filtering particulates. Sticking your face over a bucket of ammonia, bleach, then ammonia+bleach :smiley: will let you know if the activated charcoal is doing anything.

Those filters are only good for a certain amount of time in-use, so once you pull the tabs off, it’s “exposed”, like opening a carton of milk. The clock starts ticking.

It may be “old”, but it’s tried’n’true.

Dunno if I want to wrap my head like a baked-potato in what’s probably metallised mylar (like a space-blanket), and have it melt onto my head if it gets too hot. I’d rather make a run to the shower, soak myself good in 5-10sec, then run outta there with “ablative armor”.

Gas mask isn’t a terrible idea. I remember being in the gas chamber and they do work. At least for mace and supposed to for chemical warfare. I never fully trusted it to protect me if a sarin bomb exploded but its what we were given.

I have an M65 Drager former german military issued gasmask i bought off ebay. works like a charm with the gas canisters. i used it when im laser cutting wood or other smelly materials

I think we are used to ordering flashlights from chinese websites and are starting to believe the other products are not actually junk

$1500? Surviving doesn’t sound quite affordable…

well nature of fire is a bit different, no gas mask will fix lack of oxygen in the air as well as too much co\co2 from burning, and toxins, if it did fire crews would not need SCBA.
best thing to do, get real SCBA, you can get one on ebay for few hundred bucks, used. they also have proper heatproof masks, you really do not want cheap plastic mask start melting and sticking to your face.