Philips MiniVac FC6148 battery replacement


Today I opened up my Philips MiniVac 10.8v because the batteries are slowly dying after 10 years of use.
Inside I found 3x Sony’s SE US18650VT - T 2B12XTCO6R.

Can I replace these with the Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh - 30A?
I would like to buy them from as I’m from Belgium.

Tnx in advance!

You can also go for the cheaper Samsung 30Q, since the original batteries where rated at 10A discharge: Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A - 18650 - Li-ion - Oplaadbare batterijen | NKON

Alright, tnx for the advice!
Just trying to understand: a higher discharge rate is not bad/a problem, right?

No, it doesn’t matter. Your vacuum will not draw more than 10 amps (the max current the old batteries could provide). So pick any 3.6v Li-Ion battery that is able to provide the given current (the 30Q is rated for 15 amps continuous). The runtime of your vac will more than double with both of the mentioned batteries :slight_smile:

Tnx CrashOne!

I need the same battery replacement for the same Philips minivac. However, I’m a noob :slight_smile:
I managed to open the device and can see the current three 18650 batteries. The contacts seem to be “glued”(?) to each side of the batteries. The contacts seem flat on top, I don’t see any soldering.
My noob questions:

- How do I safely replace the batteries without getting any discharge or shock or so?

- Can I just remove the contacts by pulling them off?

  • When I replace the batteries with new ones, how do I reconnect the contacts on the + and - side of the batteries? Can I tape it, glue it or must it be soldered on a lip? I don’t have any solder device though and am looking for an easy replacement option if it exists :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!

Hi there,

I’m in the same situation right now. My MiniVac last for about 3 min, so I’ve searched the internet and found your posting! Thanks for that!
Your question asked: you are asking for batteries with a so called “solder tail”, it is available in “u” form or in “z” form: you’ll need the “u” form.

My questions are:

  • Do I need protected cells? Within my flashlights (BLF A6 style), I only use protected cells.
  • What manufacturer do you prefer for a project like this? I prefer a long lasting time of the cells - unfortunately I don’t know about the intelligence of the recharging electronics within the MiniVac… if it is a bad king of recharging electronics within the MiniVac (witch will destroy the cells over time because of overcharging them), it won’t be very clever to buy cells 20€/each.

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, stay safe and have a nice Sunday :slight_smile: