Phone batteries

I just replaced my Samsung Note 4 battery. Did anyone ever hear of conditioning the battery to the phone by putting it through charge/discharge cycles a few times? I thought only nicads had memory.

Not required with li-po or li-ion cells, AFAIK.

Just reset batterystats.bin

What did you replace it with? I’ve had horrible success with inexpensive or counterfeit eBay batteries. Generally fair to poor to lousy. Cycling them provides no benefit.

RAVPower brand on Amazon.

Just replaced it so I can’t rate it yet.

Yes, that’s the kind. 3220……I’d be surprised if it’s anywhere near that. The reviews are generally worthless since they are almost entirely anecdotal, no real data. That is one area I look carefully at the 1-2* reviews.
Took me awhile to figure out a jig but I can now test them via a real discharge test. Mostly I’ve found 2 year old original cells as good or better than these replacements.
Hope you do better. Good luck.

Ravpower is 100% reputable.

Hope BlueSwordM is right. Note 4s suck juice fast.

Not a good idea, your only adding wear cycles and li ion does not need it, its actually hard on a battery to charge to full or deep discharge.

Install Accubattery, charge to 80% max on a regular basis, try not to get below 30% too often, try not to charge above 0.5C.
Accubattery calculates capacity each time you charge, its not perfect but its not bad.

If you really want to accurately determine capacity then discharge to almost zero then fully charge and see what it calculates as capacity. Once completed use the phone to get back to 80% quickly.
This is hard on the battery so i would not do it often, a few times a year at most or if the regular use shows the battery as dying.

In the end you have to decide what matters, if you want worry free but don’t care about life then just capacity test now to make sure you getting what you paid for and ignore everything i just said. If you want the battery to have full capacity or close to it for years then try to follow what i stated above.

Not AccuBattery.

If you have root access, then use Battery Charge Limit.

If you have root access

That’s a pretty supportive blanket endorsement. What experience gives you that confidence in the product? I’d love to find a good phone/camera replacement brand. Tried a bunch of different brands (not Ravpower), as has a buddy. None are up to spec except the TRUE originals……IF (big if) you can get them anymore, and they aren’t years old and shelf worn. IMO this is one of the major problems with this kind of product development and obsolescence.

Well, I have a RavPower powerbank, and got replacement battery packs for the Samsung Galaxy S4/S3 when they were still available.

Good to know. Did you do any capacity testing?