Phosphor Converted colour LEDs- product lines/sources?

Having read this great PC Amber XPE test, I finally put two and two together and realised “PC” was “phospher converted”.

I’m interested in trying some of these colours, especially the red; mostly to know whether the wider bandwidth prevents the ‘creepy’ feeling I get from monochromatic red.

I know I’m late to the party, but I’d like to pick a few colours up to put in smaller lights etc.

The CREE XP-E range only includes PC Amber.

The current ‘easy’ option seems to be Nichia E17a’s, however, the downsode is they’re only rated for 350ma

While looking, I stumbled across XE-G LEDS.


These awkward shaped LEDs remind me of the Luxeon rebels of yesteryear. CREE claims 9x lumen density of XP-E2, they’ve a thermal pad, and you can drive 3A through them.

My Google skills found the thread on this forum about these LEDs, but nobody seems to have got hold of them yet.

Are there any other sources of PC colour LEDs I should be looking at?

Duh, forgot to clarify that I’m also looking for MPCBs for these.

"CREE claims 9x lumen density of XP-E2"

Very intriguing--where did you see this claim? If they mean intensity by "lumen density", I don't believe it at all. 9x the intensity of XP-E2 would handily outperform the Osram white flat, and this emitter would have gone all over flashlight news.

I’ve always assumed lumen density to be how many lumens you get if you cram a bunch of them onto a MPCB together. In my mind, it is a combination of output and % of the chip that emits light.

Link to claim here

Sifting through Lumileds’ website, the Luxeon 2835 has PC versions of red-orange, Green 1 and Green 2, and a PC blue.

Red-orange only does 36lm at 200ma though.

Shameless bump to ask the collective BLF wisdom if they’ve seen any of these LEDs in the wild yet?

I’m surprised someone like Sofirn doesn’t make a set of something like the C01S, with these emitters, in 8 different colours, anodised to match the LED.

I’d pick up a PC Amber, PC Cyan, PC Red, etc.