[Photo review + charts] Acebeam EC50-III (26650, XHP70.2, USB)

Acebeam EC50 generation III

Sorry, I can’t translate all text to English, so review without text, only photos and graphics. Full text (not English) is in my blog:

Full complectation: Box, light, lanyard, o-ring, instructions (from 50 generation 2!), warranty card.

Acebeam EC50-III, Klarus G20

Nitecore EC4SW, Acebeam EC50-III, Klarus G20

Nitecore EC4SW (MT-G2), Acebeam EC50-III (XHP70.2), Klarus G20 (XHP70)

Acebeams: H10 (MT-G2), EC50-III (XHP70.2), K30 (XHP70.2), H15 (XHP70.2)

In bezel thread for filters

Very clear

26650 accums: Klarus, Acebeam and Panasonic 26650A
EC50-III work fine with all 26650

Acebeam 26650:

Short flat Panasonic 26650A:

Sanyo NCR20700B:

With spacer work normal


YLP Gryphon G180

Meteor M43 (too fat, too short)

Lux per 1 meter:


No cooling, no wind.

zoom to first minutes

Runtime with Klarus G20.

Levels - not lumens, but it’s lux per 1 meter. Klarus have more flooding light and as result have less brightness in point.

Flicker and PWM

modes from min to max:

Wallshots, compare to this light:

All beam photos from with White Balance = 5000K, tint = 0

Left: from 20 cm between light and wall
Right: 1 meter between light and wall and little zoom to beam

Reference 5000K from custom YLP Gryphon G180 with Nichia 219C CRI > 90

CCT deviation:

Inside the head



+ good ergonomics and weight balance

  • full stabilization in modes
  • Not overheated like as K30 and H10
  • Good and simple UI with fast access to moonlight and turbo and memory
  • USB rechargeable
  • with spacer can use 20700/21700 (new 21700 have 5000+ mAh)
  • very close to neutral 5000K as declared

- not have indications to power level in accumulator

- not fully color smooth like as a MT-G2, but not bad

  • too long bezel

Sorry for non text review.

I appreciate your work. Thanks :+1:

Very good review. I really appreciate how you disassembled the lens to show pictures of the innards. That is helpful for modders.