Photos of your new arrived lights

Emisar d18vn with the osram white flat 2. 14740 lumen / 140Kcd

I don't know how to post pictures here but here's what I got in the mail

Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

Can you guys see my pictures??

On cpf - yes.
Here is the guide for blf:

Yes, it’s just that.

Nice score on the E1E! :beer: Was that the one on Flea-Bay recently?

Thank you very much

Uhmm…Hurkins? A lantern, 180° orbit view headlamp??? Sound interesting…

Yeh, it is. Some drawbacks (not terribly waterproof, wide-angle would kinda blind everyone around you, yellow band of light on the bottom edge of the beam), but it really is nice and wide-angle if you want basically the mule equivalent of a headlamp.

Man….do you still have budget for the rest of the year? :money_mouth_face:
The Muyshondt, 4Sevens and Eagtac… :heart_eyes:

He probably had to sell his kidney.

New arrivals today. Convoy S11, Convoy M2, 4- 30Q. I’m really liking the S11. This is my second M2 XP-L from FastTech and both of them the drivers are messed up. When you go to program it, it gets stuck in low mode and you can’t get it out of that mode. I changed the driver, but still shouldn’t have to do that to a new light. I put a ticket into FT. I have no problem setting the other modes on the other Convoys just the M2s.

I have had 3 M2’s pass through the doors the last few months, all with the same problem. Crappy tail switch boots were to blame. The little nub that contacts the switch was too long, never allowing the driver so see the off time for mode changes and programming. Had some extra boots, trimmed down a few until I found it’s sweet spot. Might be worth a shot if you have some extra boots around.

I changed the switch and boot at the same time as the driver, to a gitd switch. Thanks I will check that out.

Now I will focus on HDS, Oveready Boss and V5 dropins and Mule dropins, Surefire E1e and E2e, Vinz dropins(hopefully), Tana dropins for E1e and E2e, Fireflies, Zebralight

also I want to buy laser p60 dropins but I don't know who makes these.

I bought some from CPF and BLF and eBay...etc

I Paid 500$ for shipping alone! And a little bit more than 75$ as fees

Both of my Ti lights got together for a photoshoot. :smiley: