Photos of your new arrived lights

My last arrived, this new Preon P1 in blue;

The last light i received was the Mecarmy SGN3.

Nice mod!! are those magnets? and …Is a diffuser or what is the thing that cover one of the led …?

I bet it’s a piece of ZWB2 glass :wink:

Both right :wink:

I just bought this copper S1 Baton from a man in the flashaholics group on Facebook. I am new to these really good flashlights and am amazed at the light that comes out of such a small flashlight.


Nitecore MH20GT (with only 6 mm more of lengh than classic MH20, the new GT with XP-L HI V3 gets 33.000cd, the XM-L2 version gets 12.500 cd)

Arrived this week:

One more in my hands!! new KLARUS Mi7 impressive:

Manker E11/Klarus Mi7/JetBeam-I Mk/Olight S15R/Fenix E12/Nitecore MT1A

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Mi7 body looks tapered?

Sorry tapered? I do not understand…

He means the tube gets narrower towards one end

ah!, ok,thanks… yes!
Tail have similar diameter than the head (more stable tailstand)

Also, today I have received the clip MecArmy SGN3, it is now more useful to use without key ring:

new one is the Convoy s2

Great Lighting