Photos of your new arrived lights

My first Zebralight! :sunglasses:

Nice Zebra and RAT. :beer:

The knife you posted with the Convoy sure does look familiar… :wink:

Please tell me it’s not as pink as it shows on my screen ?
I’ve ordered a red one because I saw a true red color on the Klarus site !
Might have it in 2 days max but I’m a bit worry now…

credit: wiestom89

My last arrived Astrolux MH10 with my loved titanium Titaner E01

On my screen, both Mi7’s shown above look pinkish….not red.

Anybody receive a blue one they could show?

It is winered pinkish.

What is your preferred red?
I have the red Mi7 on the way :smiley:

I still find it pinkish…
For the first time, I choose not to order a black light and choose the red one…that will teach me :frowning:
Klarus is cheating with this pic on their website :

What a nice satin Red…

I am happy with black unit, when red arrive,……. I will decide what unit is for me and what for my girlfriend….I think I know my election…. :zipper_mouth_face:

I like the Astrolux-red little better and yes… Klarus is pinky-red.

3x AA EDC Queens!

My BLF-348s came yesterday!

Convoy C8 XP-LHI U6 - 3A.

“Red” Mi-7…