Photos of your new arrived lights

Should make a nice mini thrower. How is the reflector?


Very cool Petr, love the symmetrical pics :sunglasses:
Please tell more on the headlamps, i still have an eagle eye x2 several years on ……………………still going strong. Seem a pretty good budget brand.

I have a flashlight since yesterday. So far I have not tested them too much.

Photos like it? O.K. Two more similar.


Very cool,

I am kind of headlamp thing at the moment. Have enough(well do we ever have enough) flashlights. So far a couple of h2r lamps, couple of zebra headlamps for in work. Pondering over the next, liking the look of the manker e04 as an option as well. Not ideal being 16340, but like the mule/ form factor.

That copper Convoy S2+ looks so tempting…

Convoy T2:

Nitecore TIP:

Convoy C8+:

What are your thoughts about it?

I like the wide uniform flood pattern, and I like how much output it produces. Unfortunately, that high output only lasts about an hour or so, and after that it’ll continue to run at a very low level for the next 3 days or so (on alkaline cells). This light would benefit from an external power supply (connection to a USB power bank, for example) and a lower output mode. It only has one mode - high.

I posted some runtimes here:

Gearbest sells a light that’s similar to this one in shape/form factor, and it can run on 18650 cells in addition to NiMH cells, so that should help extend runtimes. It also has high and low modes, but also a strobe mode (what were they thinking?).

Olight S1R & S1R II


What is this!? It looks like a 3D model.

This is a photo and a nice flashlight :smiley:

Significant Series of Small Sofirn Sources of light



My Olight CU i3T EOS arrived today … what a beauty. I did a one hour hard boiled egg patina process and it turned out great. Super nice little CU light.

now that is sexy!

this month~ :smiley:



Amazing photos! :thumbs up:

Today i got the convoy s2+ in sand tan finish, great light i love this color finish.

now my convoy family of lights feels complete.