Picked up some Dorcy

Picked up a pair of DORCY AAA lights from BigW , seems to be plenty of the LED [ Under $8 ] but the one with the Krypton bulb [ on the right ] was the last one in the store [ $3 ]

Will update shortly ..

Lets get straight to the performance :

DORCY - Alkaline = 0.27A - 4 Lumen / Nimh = 0.27A - 3Lumen [ this will be the batt voltage ]

DORCY LED - Alkaline = 0.27A - 3L / Nimh = 0.22 - 3L

SUPER BRIGHT 7-2 - Alkaline = 0.39A - 18L / Nimh = 0.34 - 16L

ULTRAFIRE A3 - Alkaline = 1.01A - 80L / Nimh = 0.93A - 86L

In a word = Disappointing , gona buy a Dorcy = Dont , buy the SuperBright 7-2 instead from DX ..

The Dorcy offers no redeeming feature [ for me ] what so ever , output VS current = terrible ...

LED has nice blue - purple tint , the Krypton one is typical old style - supper ringy ...

The LED one looks to be a direct drive 5mm ..

Maybe they can be modded ?

That was a fast reply - no just about to do so now ...

Haha...it was so fast that apparently you weren't though typing as there was no text about testing it out later when I read it!

When I later read the additional text I deleted my post. I guess I've just got to slow down :)

Often I have to come back to edit [ add text ] after posting the image as there seems to be some glitch ..

Ok got ripped , but now I know ....

Lights to consider buying , before you buy a Dorcy ...














Well just a few ...

Well, at least you had the guts to buy a light in a store locally :) I don't even look at the lights when I go to the local stores. I just assume they aren't going to be any good. You might find a good deal one day...I won't :)

Aint that the truth! Back in 2004, I used to always look at target/walmart's flashlight section to see what was "new". Now a days, anything "new" will still be old, outdated stuff. So yeah, I usually bypass the section.

On the other forum you hear how good the Dorcy is , and what a deal it is , + its hard to see into the pack ... If I had known it was a 5mm LED on direct drive ..

I just wanted some house lights [ peak into the oven ] or some such , but they dont produce enough light for even that .

Anyone know the best way to pull these appart ?

Dorcy makes a ton of lights so just don't judge the whole brand on the cheap 5mm led one you got. The most popular one is the Dorcy Cyberlight as seen here:


It is a fantastic poly light for under $20.

You can see how extensive their entire line is here:


They are still not using the latest crees, but many of their lights are fairly solid lights for a reasonable price.

If you look for it, you can find that LED light on there for $4. It really is meant to be a $4 wal-mart light. Dorcydirect markets it a kid flashlight.