Picked Up Something Interesting -Collapsible LED Lantern

Stopped at our local Target store tonight. I did the usual perusal of the flashlight isle and camping section. In the camping section I found these folding LED lanterns on clearance. I'm wondering if they can be modded to an XM-L (but kept at low current for runtime). Here are some pics:

(Gotta have that flashing mode!) $14.59? - No way! $4.37? - Sure!

Pretty sturdy 3AA carrier. Also, there are two Phillips screws up inside the battery compartment to get it apart.

When collapsed, it has 3 5mm LED's with those typical magnifying optics.

When open, it uses a single LED (no idea what kind, but doesn't look like a Cree). These two shots taken with the room lights off.

So you think this is worth modding? It's not high quality, but it isn't bad either. I like the size of it for camping.


Almost certainly not worth the trouble and expense of modding to a Cree. However, switching the original 3 5mm LEDs for three of these should be very easy and may give it a very worthwhile boost in non-lantern mode. Those 44000 mcd 5mm's are supposed to be the brightest 5mm's there are. And, remember, the typical keychain 'fauxtons' from DX, KD or MF are usually just half the output of those (i.e. only 22000 mcd).

would love to see the result. Especially because I have seen one of these lights in Denmark and might just pick it up if it becomes halfway decent!




LOL :-)