Pictorial review - Interesting 1x18650 / 3xAAA zoomie (from eachbuyer.com giveaway)

I won this zoomie awhile ago in one of eachbuyer.com’s giveaways ():


I haven’t done a review before, so I’m not going to do a full review, but mostly post pics that I took when I got it.

Actually, I’m not much of a zoomie fan, but this one is a bit unusual because of the zoom mechanism: To zoom in/out, you twist the head and it has detents, so it clicks as it’s turned and the head extends. The other interesting thing is that it has a glass breaker point at the tailcap (so it can’t tailstand), and it’s a mechanical side switcher with a charger port (presumably direct to the battery).

It comes with a 3xAAA carrier and a tube adapter to allow 1x18650. The weird thing (to me) is that 1x26650 doesn’t fit (is there something between an 18650 and a 26650?).

Anyways, so here goes:

The front (yes, it is a pretty hefty piece of equipment!):

The side (BTW, the design does a good job with anti-roll!):

A comparison shot to show the size (it is quite large):

The tail end with the glass breaker:

The switch:

The charger port (notice the corners of the fins missing anodization, or rubbed off):

The pieces:

The head extended:

And, un-extended:

Front of the switch section:

The battery side of the driver contact:

Front of light:

Size comparison to SF L2M:

Head partially disassembled:


The emitter “tray” is solid, not hollow!!:

And, finally, the component/emitter side of the driver:

Interesting thing in the above is the markings - notice some of the ones say “T6” and the others say “XPG”. I’m assuming that this driver is meant to be used for either XM-L T6 or XPG emitters.

Thanks for looking/reading!