Pictures and of ke-5 and nitefighter f30c + beam shots and tailcap reading

heres some pictures iv taken of my two single 18650 lights. will try do some outdoor beam shots tonight :slight_smile:

Beam shot… f30c on left, ke-5 on the right

Hope you enjoy these :slight_smile:
heres a couple outdoor beamshots…… first the ke-5 at about 30 yards

and now the f30 c

Nice pics!

F30C TC current was measured on High? Turbo should be higher..

nope it was on turbo but i slightly mis timed the photo… mines actually running at 1.75a like in the review i read. i see you measured 2.0a i wonder why that is… i get same results on unprotected and protected batteries but it has to be down to the batteries id say…… or my cheap multimeter. i cant wait till it gets dark tonight to try it out

correction… iv just re measured with a fully charged unprotected battery and got 1.95a :slight_smile:

Yes! That's how it should be. :)

yep…… i was astonished at the reading of my kegos…. 3.59a its totally original and not modded at all

Hi ady, I still need to organize some drivers, sorry, not forgotten, just been tied up.

looks like the nitefinder is brighter and throws further than the ke5 huh?

Are you sure the outdoor beamshots are the right way around? F30C tint seems much better in the indoor shot.. Are they taken with the same settings? Looks like the first one could have longer shutter speed. [Would you please leave the EXIF information to the photos in the future? It would make it easier to understand the photos & differences in them.]

Here's a mouseover of those outdoor beamshots anyways (mouse over for one, out for the other ;))

100% sure yes, i just need to have a play around with the settings on the cam as im not really used to taking night time shots with it. i just left the cam on full auto for these two shots which maybe explains why they arnt very good!! :slight_smile:

no problem :slight_smile: whenever you get round to it is fine by me :slight_smile: