Pictures of some emitters

Just took some pictures of a couple of emitters, first out is the beloved Cree XR-E in the wild:

Notice the copper colored border around the newer and smaller EZ900 die, right slide showing an antique XR-E with the phosphor sprayed everywhere.

Next up is a XR-C posing next to the older XR-E:

Differences includes a smaller die and half as many bond wires.

Poor cool white XP-E, got extracted and replaced from within a Trustfire F-23.

Die looks the same as in the EZ900 XR-E but there is no copper border present around it.

A couple pictures showing emitters in captivity:

Tell tale differences between XP-E and XP-G includes the number of segments the die is divided in, three vs four, the difference in die size and the absence of the three dark dots around the XP-G die.

Last but not least, a newer addition to the zoo, a Luminus SST-50 (actually a SSR-50, but they look the same anyway)

Whatever you do, do not touch the gray plastic part that holds the lens in place! The dome pops off at the drop of a hat if you do

Thanks Spambot for this excellent contribution! An excellent reference here for all of us. Very well done. Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

By any chance could you include a picture of a light with an XR-C? The XR-C appears to be a popular choice for manufacturers when they decide to "get cheap" with a popular product that used to have a more modern emitter.


good job!

Very nice tool when investigating leds.

thats great it will be very usefull well done that man

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I add those interesting links which helps you to identify leds

This is an SSC P4 LED - T bin AFAIR. Because of the "cloudy" dome it is a pig to photograph

EZ900 Q5 in Solarforce Skyline 1 (Is it an R2? - doubt it)

EZ900 in an MRV SE - bargain of the year.

Old Cree P4 or P3 with phosphor everywhere.

This comes in a lot of ultra-budget lights. It is quite distinctive in appearance.

Died of 10440 poisoning in an eBay ultra-budget AAA light.

This is an M bin Cree MC-E.

And here's an older MC-E, J or K bin

An older SSC P7 (Cree make the dies, SSC make the phosphor and optics) with the characteristic "cloudy" appearance.

And a more recent SSC P7

Very nice photography there, thanks Don!

Been playing with the not terribly useful USB "Microsocope". It probably works rather better with the supplied Windows software but the Windows box is getting annoyigly noisy - time to swap out some fans.

Very nice and very usefull pictures. Good post.

XP-E Q5 in situ in an Aurora SH0030 5 mode

Osram Dragon LED of some sort in Tank007 E07. I'm not up on Osram LED appearance.

An SST-90 - in situ in a Varapower 2000

For decent, if small, emitter photos you can use digikey.

As always, AWESOME pics there Don!

Really really nice pictures Don! : )

Great photos!

These are what appear to be in the DaZong Tong tiny little light. Still not figured out how to extract the TIR optic without killing it but my best guess is that these are the LEDs in it.