Pila IBC: how can I charge a 8650 3100 mAh battery the first time?

Hi, tomorrow I will get Pila IBC carger and for the first time I have to charge a 8650 3100 mAh battery. I never have charged a 18650 battery. The first time do I have to pay attention? Can I charge it like an used battery or ….? I’m inexpert completely, can you tell me how I have to charge it precisely the first time and subsequently?

Just put the battery in to charge as you would normally, Li-ion requires no break in. The first charge is just the same as the 50th.

Ok, thanks! But what voltage do I have to choose? High Medium or Low?

PS. Do you know if with Pila IBC I can charge NI-MH batteries too?

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you can check with multimeter the voltage. when finished charging it should have 4.2000V (cheap multimeters show only 4.20V). Eneloops to be charged in Nitecore i4. Was this post helpful to you? Yes / No


Ok, thanks! But what voltage do I have to choose? High Medium or Low?
There are no settings on the Pila

PS. Do you know if with Pila IBC I can charge NI-MH batteries too?
You can only charge Li-ion definitely not Ni-mh

Alternatively, RTFM

Here are some do's and don'ts that might help:

Lithium-Ion Battery Do's & Don'ts:


- Don’t overcharge more than 4.2v (100% Charge) Check voltage with multi-meter

- Don’t let cells sit in charger after charging is done

- Don’t over discharge below 3.2v (Check voltage with multi-meter)

- Don’t drop, damage, puncture or physically abuse them

- Don’t incinerate them

- Don’t get them wet (water and li-ion DO NOT mix)

- Don’t leave house while charging cells

- Don’t expose to heat over 100F

- Don't charge hot/warm batteries - let them cool first


- Do store cells in a cool and dry place

- Do remove cells from charger as soon as charging is done

This part is from Don @ BLF:

They'll be OK down to round 2.8V (under load) but are essentially flat at 3V under load - this will rapidly bounce back to around 3.6V off load. If it doesn't bounce back to over 3V on standing, the cell should be watched carefully. Many/most cell protection circuits do not cut off on the voltage under load.

I usually charge my Li-ion batteries on a non flammable surface just in case one goes nuclear on you during charging.

Are the batteries protected or unprotected?

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when my 10440 light begins to dim (rapidly) the cell voltage, when measured quickly after taking it out of the LdOl, is at 2.0V and recovers to 3.00-3.10V resting voltage. in other words, a cell with 3.0000V resting voltage is very much empty and it should be recharged! A cell isnt empty at 3.6V resting voltage but that's the point when, under load, the voltage breaks through the barrier and drops to 2.75V within 30-60secs. If resting voltage is anywhere between 3.10 and 3.60V, you should take the cell out and recharge it with pila.

I don’t know. Some friends of mine tell this battery is not protected, some others tell me yes, it is protected. I have just purchased them here: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/genuine-panasonic-18650-3100mah-rechargeable-battery-with-protection-board-green-pair-121444?item=6
In your opinion is it protected?

On their web site I read:
Stage 1 – Automatic analyzing battery status
Stage 2 – Quick charge
Stage 3 – Slow charge
Stage 4 – Standby mode, trickle charge
Does Pila IBS make these steps automatically?

All the above happen automatically.

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I did review it and it has protection.