Pink Flashlight/Host For Modding

Hey everybody, so sorry I haven’t been around! Been trying to power through my senior year and get ready for college, plus I’m working full time now…

Anyway, I want to build a flashlight for my……………………………very good female friend :wink: (For now) ……………………for her birthday, and her favorite color is pink. I did some searching, but I wasn’t able to find much in pink. I’m looking for something like a Convoy tube light, but anything in that size range will do. Part of the whole thing is the fact that I will have built/modded it, plus I want it to be pretty impressive, functionally, so I’d rather not go with something pre-made that is a pain to mod. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably it would take a 17mm driver, so I could use a 105c/qlite…

Thanks in advance!


Check with "n10sivern" and see if he could cerakote a Convoy host in pink

only needs a motor

I can likely Cerakote whatever light you get in prison pink.

Here is a pistol I did in black and prison pink

A coat of pink Cerakote should do nicely. 0:)

Would a red convoy do?
The metal button will make it feel way more expensive.

There was this pink thread once:

That’s a helpful thread, nice.

Good luck finishing up school Legolas! :slight_smile:

Edit: Do you have a specific form factor you’re looking for? 18650 or AA?

UltraFire WF-501B 385lm 3-Mode Memory White Light Flashlight - Deep Pink (1 x 18650)

UltraFire 150lm 1-Mode White Light Mini Pocket Flashlight w/ Cree XP-G R5 LED - Pink (1 x AAA)

Hot Shot Tactical HSMINI.PK Tactical Light 3 Mode 130 Lumen Light, Pink

XTAR 150LM 4 mode Mini Flashlight WK50 - Pink

Thanks for the replies, everybody! I’ll probably go with the 501b.

Thanks, Ryan! I was hoping for a (small) 18650.

I’m a bit overpinked. :_(

I just did a search on the big auction site. “Pink Flashlight”

There’s a zillion of ’em, including this classy object: