PinWheel T1

Hey everyone, to kick off the expansion of their electric scooter/Unicycle line and sending them to their US warehouse, approached me and I asked if I would be willing to test and review a unicycle for them. Since they have a long relationship here, they asked me to share it with BLF in anticipation of a sweet giveaway. Many of you know me, having worked with GB, customizing and upgrading a few bike lights in the past for the Mountain Bike forum ( and here.

They asked me if I preferred the TG T3 or the Pinwheel T1. After doing some research, I chose the T1 ( because it has a higher capacity battery than the TG and a removable/replaceable battery pack which I thought made the most sense since the battery probably would be the first thing to go. I could also buy/carry an extra pack to double my range if I needed it.

The Pinwheel specs: its a 14 inch wheel with a 350w motor, a 180wh battery which again easily slides out to use as a back up battery, though I doubt that will ever be needed since I want all the distance I can get.

Pedal tilt back, to prevent going to fast, happens close to top speed and for me, in the beginning took some getting used since cruising along it felt as if I was tilted backward a bit. Speed control is a series of beeps like most EUs and I haven’t pushed it past that too much yet. I did give her all she had one time and almost fell forward, so lesson learned. Top speed is 16-18 KM/H, in my unscientific GPS app testing, it speed beeps at around 9 mph and acceleration is very very quick. As a beginner, finding that sweet spot, top speed right before beeping has been a challenge though I’m getting better at finding a comfortable cruising speed. Somehow I always make it beep when crossing intersections, guess I’m in a rush to get across :smiley:

Charge time is 2 hours and the that should get you 18km, though in my testing with my 160lb weight on mixed level terrain, mostly flat, I’m getting 4 miles to one battery light lit and then some light riding till the battery beeps. I think my beginner speed up, beep, slow down is affecting this. I have tested a fully charged battery and a downhill run with out any shut down nor has it shut down on any high speed runs. I did push the battery a bit to see how long it would go before beeping or shut down and after hitting a rut and falling, it wouldn’t start up until charged.

Falls with the T1 are simple side falls without it speeding up and taking it off. It normally just falls on its side, beeps and stops running, which is why most scratches are on the pedals. One time it did spin it place when I tried to grab it. I have also made the beginner mistake of keeping one foot on and trying to save it which has sort of sucked my foot in a bit. My advice is to get off complete when you fall, don’t try to grab it.

I’m happy with the T1, it has performed great and taken a beating. Its very easy to learn on, smooth riding and minus maybe a higher capacity battery, it does all I need it to do . My only complaint is the latch for the battery cover, which if not fully engaged will cause the cover to pop off if you fall. Oh and one plus, on my yellow model, the color doesn’t scratch off.

Let me say this, learning to ride takes some patience and perseverance, yet in a few hours or less you’ll be up and riding straight lines. Turns take some time and you will get a lot of stares, comments and questions. Once up and riding, this thing is a blast! The single pnuematic wheel handles bumps and drops well once you get your balance. Luckily there are a lot of good resources like to answer questions and learn how.

thank u, i’m interested in these things……
what would be better in your opinion… the unicycle or the 2 wheels hooverboard?
i think uni… with BIGGER wheel can surpass bigger obstacles… and be safer in this.

hooverboard could be “easyer”… because yo can oly go forward or backward but cannot fall lateral because u are between 2 wheels.

How do you get on? Thanks for the video.

Guy vanished :expressionless: Classics, get expensive product, make a whopping 53 seconds “review” and then disappear…

I wish I'd done that from the start.