PKCELL NIMH LSD (Low Self Discharge)

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What is LSD?

Acronyms are not straight forward. The author should define (in parenthesis) or best, just write it out in full form and place in parenthesis the common abbreviation / acronym.

Low Self Discharge :slight_smile:

And why do you make a poll?

Best you ask to the forum, some specialist might be able to answer you.

As for me, I’ve once bought PKCells. Not very good technology and any claims is most probably poor translation.
Stick with known brands as Ladda (Ikea), Eneloops (Panasonic), or even the commercial Duracell.

I had already made a post but I didn’t get an answer, thank you for your return :slight_smile: :+1:

I was about to add that my experience with PKCELL is LiIon. They have low current capability and are somewhat middle ground in capacity.

I was in a bind to find a supplier of LiIon cells in Canada and they were all over Amazon. They don’t overclaim their cells as Trustfire / Ultrafire or the like.

And as I do need some NiMH batteries, Ladda from Ikea are my 1st choice (supposedly Eneloops re-wrapped). They are Low Self Discharge. But in a bind, I can buy the Energizer as it too is LSD although costly.