Place to buy white eneloop

im looking to buy some eneloops but i can find the all white one in the charger, 4aaa, 8aa back like in

i know im being picky but i want the all white ones not the green. where can i find that pack in white or just a great deal on some other i guess

If you are in ConUS, Mowgli, the pack you linked to is at Costco right now for $25.99.

i dont recommend such large packs because the eneloops in the package are stock goods (as opposed to fresh produce).

better buy white Eneloops fresh off the manufacturing line (amazon, ebay) and a separate charger with display. (typically in Germany we pay 12.99€ for 8 Eneloops (AA or AAA, doesnt matter). ebay dealers are also amazon marketplace dealers so it doesnt make a difference amazon vs. ebay.)

charger with display. if you're on the cheap route, check out the BC-700 or its licensed clones (they are all called BC-700); otherwise get what most non-cheapo cpf flashaholics use: the C9000.

The cameramate2010 seller on EBay sells them cheap but are they genuine? Any info?