Place to get warm or neutral XM-L emitters

Hello again BLF!

After drooling over the Xeno E03 the last couple of days, I realized that it wasn't the light that I was drooling over(well, the light as well, but 35.5$ is over budget for me) - it was the warm white XM-L. Not that I have any preference for warm white or neutral white over the normal cool white T6 XM-L, but I'd love to have a warm white XM-L in my flashlight collection(not that it can be called a collection by your standards ;)). So I want to mod one or more of my own flashlights with a warmer XM-L emitter, but I can't find them anywhere! I've looked at all my bookmarked chinese suppliers(DX, MF, Dinodirect, Lighttake, Tmart, TinyDeal, Kaidomain etc), but noone sells the XM-L in T3 or T4 tint. The only place I've seen it is, but the 14$ shipping is killing me. So have any of you found this emitter anywhere? Preferably on a 14-16mm star, but if it is on a bigger star or none at all, it won't matter much(there's a little bit of modder in all of us, right? ;)).

So allknowing lightgurus - enlighten me!

Well, you are in europe, so you could get emitters and XM-Ls on 20 mm stars here:

They also have some triple-XM-L modules (also in warm):

Shipping is with 6 € not exactly cheap, but better than $15, and I suppose quite a bit faster than cutter.

Hope this helps. Happy modding!

I am ordering a 20mm star warm-white XML to put in my SAiK 305 from , should I order something for you and forward it to you? I get free shipping to me and an envelope to Denmark can't be that expensive.

Nicely found Confusius(and bookmarked)! Shipping costs does kind of kill the price quite a bit however.

Vectrex - That sounds awesome. Count me in for a 20mm XM-L T3, and send me paypal information :). I was *that* close to buying the Xeno E03 when you posted(after browsing led-tech and calculating wildly after Confusius posted the link), but with the reduced shipping it ought to be a fun modding project. Now to find a way to fit a 20mm star into a P60 host ;).

I will order 2 of them tomorrow and PM you, when they arrive here.

Sounds awesome! - thanks for saving me shipping costs :)

Does anyone have a beamshot that fairly accurately represents a warm white XML ?

A comparitive shot ( WW VS NW or CW ) would be even better .

Thanks .

A few on CPF:!-XM-L-Xeno-E03!!!-500LM-AA-14500-Pocket-Rocket!-(CW-NW-WW!)&p=2658444&viewfull=1#post2658444 (not beamshots, but two lights are on in one of the pictures)!-XM-L-Xeno-E03!!!-500LM-AA-14500-Pocket-Rocket!-(CW-NW-WW!)&p=2659500&viewfull=1#post2659500 +!-XM-L-Xeno-E03!!!-500LM-AA-14500-Pocket-Rocket!-(CW-NW-WW!)&p=2659627&viewfull=1#post2659627 (not comparison between different XM-Ls, but beamshots none the less).

If anyone falls over comparison beamshots, I'd like to see them as well :)

WOW . Now that's warm . I like it .

My next P60 dropin is going to be a ( budget ) warm XML .


Thanks for finding those beamshots .

Well, good luck finding a 14 or 16mm warm XM-L you can put in your P60 drop-in .. Be sure to post if you figure out something awesome(or find a drop-in with the emitter already mounted). I think I'll try to retrofit the beforementioned 20mm star in a P60 pill somehow. Haven't quite figured out how yet though(but obviously I'll make a new thread when I finish my ~700 lumen 3000K XM-L flashlight ).

Oh , it will be commercially available sooner or later .

Sooner , I hope .

I think cutter needs better Customer service skills . having to buy emitters made in s. carolina from aus. or china is very odd indeed .

i'm going to start a group buy for warm and neutral emitters soon

$14 shipping from cutter to Denmark is soo crazy... Im seriously jealous...

I ordered from cutter, and shipping was $15.80 AUD, shipped WITHIN australia, and it still took 2 weeks to arrive.

I got my XM-Ls on 10mm circles though. 14mm is also an option.

If you start with 20mm stars, you can just grind them down, and scrape off the silkscreen on the tracks to expose copper to solder onto. Just dont lose grip and grind the led dome in the process, like I did....(grinding 10mm circle to 8mm)

Ouch.. I thought you aussies at least had this one single advantage over "the ones across the pond"(IE everyone else ;))..

What you are suggesting with the 20mm stars is exactly what I intend to do. I had an old XR-E Q2 emitter on a 20mm star laying that got a round with the sharp pliers to see if I could cut it down to a ~16mm diameter without short circuiting it. It did require quite a bit of silkscreen-scraping, but it worked out in the end, so now I feel confident I can do the same with the XM-L T3 Vectrex is ordering for me :)

Where is the best place if you live in the US?

I'llllll be watching this space as well, from the good 'ol US of A

They have lost the business of one country, except those who live close enough to pick up from the store.

Even the pickup from the store is far!!.. Where I was when i was visiting melbourne 10 mins from the city, was still 1 hours drive to cutter... through crazy traffic....

Emitters are en route to Jacobhl and Hrvoje, let's see how well the European postal services work together

Has anyone seen a source for neutral white emitters on 16mm boards?

All the links above seem to be for 20mm boards, no small ones, and at rather steep prices... While I want neutral white, $8 and ready to go vs $30 and needing grinding is enough to make me stick with cool white.

The t3/t4/t5/t6/etc doesn't specify the color, only the brightness... You can get cool white T5s and neutral white T6s, for example. The warmer colors are dimmer, but there's still a lot of overlap between the brightness ranges for each color, so you can't use it to tell what color you have.