Planning for my first C8 assembly.

Components that I am looking at

  1. Convoy C8 DIY LED Flashlight Host ~$10.28
  2. Noctigon XM16 MCPCB & CREE XM-L2 U2 1A LED ~$6.75
  3. 8* AMC7135 2-Group 2~5 Modes LED Flashlight Driver (Nanjg 105c) ~$2.90

Just wondering if I need a CREE XM-L insulation gasket to prevent reflector from touching the LED? Any other things that I need to look out for during self assembly?

Or should I consider XinTD C8 V4 of a similar specs?

I have ordered another Convoy XM-L2 U2 1A for comparison. Should be here within this few days.

Please advise :bigsmile: .

No worries about the gasket. The Fastech host comes with it.

I have built a few. The last one very similar but with the Qlite driver at 3.04A. Gave that one to my brother for Christmas.

16mm mcpcb’s are a pain in the arse to make fit under some reflectors without shorting.

Convoy C8’s are one off thread types which ive never seen in any other lights,

But the driver is sweet :slight_smile:

I would get a 20mm mcpcb, a Kai Domain c8 (xml2 ones are good - havent got any others off them, but heaps of these), a 42mm AR coated lens from Fasttech, a heap of 22 or 20 awg silicone coated wire, extra 7135’s, good solder, Arctic silver paste and Arctic alumina epoxy, a selection of sandpapers for lapping, maybe a glow in the dark tail switch for bling :slight_smile:


The depending on where you get your host from it may already include a gasket. I have a preassembled ultrafire that uses one, but yours might vary slightly. Personally I’d pick up a gasket just to be on the safe side.
As long as you know how to solder and how to properly apply thermal paste its pretty easy. The C8 is a bit more spacious and forgiving compared to a lot of other hosts.

Thanks for the help guys! I will include Qlite driver together with the purchase. Yup, i got soldering kit, leftover thermal paste from DIY PC and tools. Just ordered a multimeter yesterday.

One more question. If I got a little more $ to spend on this project, what other quality flashlight host should I consider too? Convoy L4 @($25.50) with mod?

Preferred setup

- medium size

- good heat dispersion.

  • total cost +/- USD35

IIRC an L4 isn’t an optimal mod host. The switch is connected directly to the driver and makes it rough to replace; however, you can mod the output a bit on the stock driver.

Hmmm…. Maglite 2D ($15 last I checked at lowes)… perhaps?

Or a ZY-T08 is supposed to be very fun to mod. Should put you under $35.

Well I almost found the wrong way about the insulation ring ,it keeps the reflector from grounding out the + &- on the emitter it sounds like you have your ducks in a row and are well on your way !

+1. FT did not show insulation gasket in their photos. That where I got a bit worried. I am new to DIY so I still find measurement bit confusing :bigsmile:

If there happens to be a lack of an insulator you can use some shrink wrap in between the solder points and the reflector, or kapton tape.

Try an HD2010, or a fandyfire stl-v2 (1 xml), jacobs a60 etc next :slight_smile:


Paid $21.91 for a ZY-T08. I did not quite like the look at first but I think it will be fun to experiment with.

My first successful DIY upgrade.

Project: Small Sun ZY-T08

With the aid of the following threads:
Review: Small Sun ZY-T08 2x18650 XM-L T6 from Fasttech
Review: Small Sun ZY-T08 2 x 18650 (Parallel)
Mod: Small Sun ZY-T08 Emitter Upgrade - MT-G2. Now you can call it a Small Sun
Thanks unknown00101 for his suggestion.

Components used.

  1. Small Sun ZY-T08 from Wallbuys.
  2. Noctigon XM20 MCPCB & CREE XM-L2 U2 1A LED.
  3. Qlite Rev.A 7135*8 Multiple Modes Circuit Board 3.04A.
  4. Copper braids on springs.
  5. Leftover thermal compound from my DIY CPU.

I chose to remove all existing components on ZT-T08 stock driver and basically turned it into a contact board. I ordered new contact boards but they had yet to arrive.

Upgrade was smooth without any troubleshooting. Unit was able to push from ~35Kcd to 60Kcd @3m (unprotected NCR18650A 3100mAh). Will take another round of measurement if time permits.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the outcome. ZY-T08 is currently my brighter thrower. Cannot wait for my next fun project :slight_smile:

Congrate on your 1st successful modding keep it up :slight_smile:

I bought a whoknowsfire c8 as my first shot at modding. Mine has a plastic reflector and I want a metal, aluminum? one. Where to start looking is the obvious question. I have not found all my parts in one shop in the US. Any suggestions?

Smooth and Orange Peel (41.5mm x 31mm) from Fasttech. Do take a measurement of your existing unit to compare with.


That’s sweet mod you got there. I have turned my T08 into one mode direct-drive thrower in the end. :smiley: