Playskool D18 Project

I’ve already posted screenshots of the beginnings of this project on reddit. I think BLF will be a better format for this.

This project is currently a work in progress. I’ll add more photos/descriptions/explanations as I proceed through this project.

Taking this slot for future photos

You might want to check this link on how to post images.

I followed the simple editor method originally but it didn’t quite work for some reason. I’ll try again on my pc when I get home.

Also thanks BlueSword!

Testing imgur linking because I still haven’t managed to embed photos, edit: my imgur link seems to be the issue

sorry to those who clicked onto this page

yay looks like I finally got it

Oh yeah, that yellow and blue Playskool beast had to have been my first flashlight. I remember taking it apart when I was a kid even I though I was too young to mod it at the time.