please delete (accidental post)

accidental post (2nd time) please delete.

I accidentally posted the review twice, could someone please delete this ? Thanks.

Cannot be unseen :smiley:

This cat gif is so funny, also funny the review mentions walking a cat. I have never seen anyone walk a cat, but according to youtube it really is possible :smiley:


My Cat is a 15 yr old OUTSIDE cat. ($2 grands worth.)
But recently having trouble with the Monitors round here.
Last Vet bill was $960 plus.
So now he an INSIDE cat.
Harness. yes. Walking and chewing grass. yes.
Sitting and sunning himself. Definitely Plus. Plus.

Turning round and coming back again.

Hiss…. Snarl. Growl. Bite bite. My right arm full of teeth marks.

But apart from that he ain’t a problem.
Hopefully he’ll change hey.

At home he the loving mate. sleeps under covers on pillow with me.

Hmm. I can’t afford the vet bills.

Up to last yr he could fight them (a pr of 1\2 grown brothers) off.
Was faster than them.
Not this yr. Old age catching up methink’s.

Lightbringer, that is so funny! Everyone in my family laughed at this.

you might wanna step back a bit

… Nice side kick chuck !

How do you season your popcorn?