please delete


Good luck with that happening. May i be the first to start off what could have been a great advertisement thread. Now you will see the idle hands at work in the devil’s workshop muahhahaha



Lo! The Thread Creator saith “DELETE”, yet the Thread deleteth not, for no Thread once made may be unmade. Now and forevermore, the Hosts of BLF sing out their warning: “Consider wisely before ye make thy Threads!”


:smiling_imp: :+1:

It can't be BLF without its famous "delete" threads. :-D

Actually, just say something political :wink: That’ll getter done.

Please delete me, let me go,
For I don’t love you anymore.
An empty thread would be a sin.
Delete me and let me love again.

Covered by better artists than myself, including Burt Humperdinck.

Last photo says everything.

How funny

I can just picture Charleton Heston seeing that…

“You finally did it! You blew it up! You maniacs! Damn you! God damn you all to Hell!”

Well, at least he had the beautiful but mute girl Nova with him. ;-)


Didn’t notice it first, I guess he always brings one on a first date.

Aye or Nay, to be deleted or not to be deleted is not the question. It is like a virus that will run its course first. Everyone gets a bite until it is nibbled away. You have entered the Twilight Zone at BLF and now you will be pulled into the black hole slowly.