Please help P60 Host with R5 or MRV


i need help to decide between these two light:

Solarforce L2S plus R5 3-Mode-Dropin = $27,63


LumaPowel MRV = $24,68 (Q5 3 Mode)

How about the runtime & ligh toutput? Is the r5 in both ways better than the q5?

Is the throw or spill identical? Which one would you buy?

The Solarforce L2 will let you upgrade the light in the future with other drop-ins, so it is more flexible and probably better made than the MRV. And the XP-G R5 will put out more light than a XR-E Q5, but the MRV has a bigger reflector and the XR-E is better at throwing, so if you want a light that will throw a beam a long way, the MRV is better. Also the MRV probably isn't going to use as much power, so it will last longer on a battery. But the Solarforce has a Medium mode if you want to stretch out battery life so I would think the Solarforce is the better way to go for almost any use other than throwing.

The low voltage drop-in version is direct drive on lithiums and I would not recommend for a l2.

They're really not comparable lights, the MRV is a thrower, and a p60 is not. The simple choice is get the MRV (LT is somewhat expensive on it, btw) if you're using it outdoors and the l2 otherwise.

You can get both with modes and they use the same battery so the runtime is not a differentiator.

Thanks. I will order the MRV.

I will put in in my car, for hikes and emergencies.

Will this be a problem for the cells? The winters here in Germany are not very cold (max. -15° celsius).

They don't like much cold i'm afraid. For such temperatures Ni-Cd batteries were best. On the other hand since you specified your needs a thrower might not be what you want. P60 host + R5 emitter have a very usefull spill and not so tight hotspot. Personally i like throwers but find non dedicated throwers the most used lights i have.

You can't go wrong on this:


or even

Around max 25$ aint that bad.

I have the R5 single mode dropin and i like it alot.

If a thrower is all you want get the MRV otherwise think twice.

No batteries like the cold, but all of them work at -15degC.

The reason for getting a thrower when outdoors, especially open space is that you can obstensity use a thrower for closer range, but not the other way around. However, if it's mostly for compact trails, a thower's spot will seem small. You might also consider a zoom light.

You probably want modes to conserve battery life and get strobe if it's for emergency purposes.

IMHO, the MRV has plenty of spill for a thrower and is extremely easy to upgrade and modify if you chose to do so in the future. Having said that, the ones I've modded so far have introduced compromises that have not bettered the overall usefulness of the light in its original form. Check out Don's tests for the MRV. Its definitely one of my absolute top choices in 1 x 18650 lights because it does it all, and does it quite well (adequate spill, long range beam, high quality reflector/ host/driver, efficient, well heatsinked, great bang for the buck, fantastic aesthetic appeal, LED is driven fairly hard so its bright, very sturdy construction.

A great tip from Hrvoje: “You can make this very good light even better by adding AR coated UCL 41.8 x 1.90 mm lens from By the way, for those of you that are in hunting, you can use Ultrafire C2/C8 remote switch”

Although not necessary, I got the UCL lens and it was definitely worth it if you want to increase the maximum range slightly.

Very well put agenthex. On tight trails, I just shine the MRV straight ahead into the brush (which it often penetrates so I can see whats behind it) and use the spill beam to illuminate where my next step will be. I pocket an XPG but find I never bring it out unless it is to flood a large open area near me. The terrible range of the XPG almost always brings me back to the MRV.

Thank you. I ordered the MRV. Now I only hope that Hongkong Post doesn't screw up.

It's my christmas gift.

Thank you. I ordered the MRV. Now I only hope that Hongkong Post doesn't screw up.

Hi, I have two MRV. One with R5 and another with XML U2 (modified by myself from Q5 budget)

Both are awesome. The MRV reflector is really good to "tame" those led with large opening angle.

Very definite central spot at large distance in both and usefull spill however.

I have 3 identical C8 lights (the good ones from the tmart deal a while ago), one with the original XR-E Q5, one with a XM-L T6 and one with a nw XP-G R4 from KD driven at 1050, 1400 and 2800 mA respectively.

You are right that the XP-G is a good compromise between the two others (more focused beam than the XM-L, more spill/corona than the XR-E) but the beam was very ringy until I did the hairspray trick which reduced the throw a little (but it was worth it).

The XP-G is actually the one I use most of those three (but mostly because of the nice tint).

I have all that you mentioned. The MRV reflector is a direct replacement for the C8 (at least the one from KD). I have converted an MRV to XPG and it produces a descent flood beam with far less range than an XRE. In output performance with the XPG driven near its max @1.4A, it is roughly comparable to an XML on medium mode @1A but with a much smaller hotspot. Most people dont realize that an XML is 20% brighter in lumens than an XPG when both are driven to 1.5A. My advice is to forgo the XPG and use the MRV for either XML or XRE. I prefer the XRE in the MRV since the design does not lend itself to transferring heat well from a XML driven to 3A.

My flashlights and I were sorry to disagree.
I think the MRV has some pretty good thermal contact, but perhaps, as in any modification, not be the most suitable. In any case both are working perfectly. I guess everyone puts limits.

Pay attention to ,he has a deeper reflector

Hi xrayboy. I havent seen you around in a while. I hope things are still going your way.

I assume that you havent modded an MRV with an XML and then driven it to 3A using a battery capable of sustaining full amperage for more than 15 minutes. It will burn your hand without active cooling and cook the top part of the 18650... the C8 will not, which also does a great job of shielding the battery. If the MRV had the LED mounted inside the aluminum head (instead of being sandwiched into a crappy piece of metal that is then screwed into the head and body separately), it would be a great design. Sure, it will work well for a few minutes if you dont want to drive an XML to its fullest potential. The MRV easily has the worst thermal path (for its size and weight in high powered LED's) of the 50 or so 1 x 18650 lights that I own (except P60 hosts). I buy, mod and resale these by the dozens in every configuration imaginable. I use this host because it sells itself on looks and XRE performance. Im not speculating.. this is simply how it is.

no this strfayy good C8,but with more deep reflector.There, there is and with XML

Nice find. Is a C10 the same as a C8 but with a deeper reflector? Its a nice looking host. Do you have one?

Haha, I think you just answered my question in your last post. Do you own one?

FlashPilot, all good here, thanks.

You're not making no sense at all. Indeed, with a 18650 (Panasonic NCR2900, 5A capable) all full power, it burns, but for that I have the driver. The idea of the mod is not to have a XML at full until finish the battery.

(Of course for that, I agree that is not the appropriate flashlight)

Its, like in other flashlights and you yourself mention, for take advantage of lower consumption of the XML

and simultaneously, have a turbo mode for short periods of time if necessary.

Still, the "Bronze" pill (removing the oring) with good threads and the extra metal trim arround it, keep it ahead of other candidates to host, in my view.

Yes I had one, Q5 I have presented its comrade.This thrower

pill fits in head,this not much well for XML