Please reccomend a charger

Can you please recommend a quality charger, that won’t break the bank that I can use too charge the 8pcs Samsung 35E x 1 batteries I ordered with my “giggles” light?

I tried searching the forums, but I get lost with the specifics and lingo used. I am rather ignorant on the subject, so any advice is appreciated.

Are you asking about an 8-bay charger? If so, GyrFalcon All-88.

Otherwise, if you are OK with 4-bay, then Lii-402 will get the job done on a tight budget. Lii-500 if you are willing to spend a little more.

8 bay would be preferred

Well, I don’t know what “won’t break the bank” exactly means in your original post, but you can buy two 4-bay chargers for less than what you’re going to pay for a single 8-bay charger.

Good information! I didn’t consider that option. I suppose I would like to stay under $50 usd if that is not reasonable then I will just have to bite the bullet.

MiBoxer C4-12

3A each slot, batteries full in less than 2 hours

:+1: Excellent UI: Just insert the batt, it will do the optimum charging rate according to your cell’s IR….and if you want to choose your own Charging rate, (manual mode) just ‘long press’ the single button, and click to the rate you want to use.

Thanks for the help!

Does it matter to the charger if the batteries are unprotected? Please bear with me, I am new and trying to figure this out correctly.

It doesn’t.

protected batteries often have a fairly high internal resistance so the charger charges slow

Klarus batteries have one of the best PCBs that almost do not add resistance

My guess is, he was talking about C4-12 charger specifically - if you use it in auto mode, it’ll auto select charging rate based on internal resistance, and so if it detects IR of 109 mOhm, it’ll choose a much lower charging rate than if it detected 48 mOhm. But you can always override auto rate and manually select charging rate.

I would recommend using something other than just a normal charger. Try Ohming Technology’s charger. You can use it to charge multiple devices like iPads, iPhones, iPods, Blackberry, Kindle, Android, etc. Moreover, it doesn’t require a connection to a computer to charge devices, and no additional software installation is required. Up to eight devices can be simultaneously charged from one plug in a standard outlet. Its compact size makes it convenient for use at home, in office, or for travel.

In a recent request for beginner tips, I got repeated suggestions of the Liitokala Lii-400 and the Liitokala Lii-100. An older “table of chargers” here in the forums has other chargers rated higher, so I’m a little confused. However, I trust that the people recommending it know something about the table that allows them to continue the recommendation. ( I’ll pick something this next week.

i think the Liitokala Lii-500 is a great charger to “grow” into.

Get either a SkyRC MC3000 if you like to fiddle with settings, or get two Opus BT-3100/3400s, either v. 3.1, or v. 2.2 and go that route, for about $50 less.

They’re both analyzing chargers and can give you an indication of the health of your cells and batteries, they’re 12v and come with a car/solar adapter, so you can run them in the car, or off the sun and they’re ‘fairly’ well regarded.

With a small hole drilled into the bottom of the Opus chargers, you can charge up anything we can throw at it.


This is an area I need to read up on to learn the possibilities

There are photos on the web that show you where the hole should be placed and it’s not a big deal if you have something like a Dremel tool and you want to charge up the 4.35v cells, which are a bit out of favor these days and somewhat uncommon.

Just another tool in the tool box, is all.


Budget charger, the LII-500 engineer is VERY good.
The Nitecore SC4 is very good as well but its around $36 with a coupon code.
Lastly the Xtar VC4 is between the two.
I have all 3. All are excellent.

When I looked at HJK’s index of charger tests, see link below, I noted that XTAR and GyrFalcon seem to have the majority of three smile ratings, his highest. The Miboxer C4-12 looks interesting but how many people actually need the 3 amps charging rate? For me I suspect that the GyrFalcon 1/10 Amp charging rate may be a better option to have for the smallest Li-Ion batteries. I have the Gyrfalcon All-88 on order for that reason. It can also handle virtually all rechargeable battery chemistries. A very versatile charger based on HJK’s test.