Please recommend a driver for my project.

I am going to build a light which will run a single xm-l emitter.

I am primarily concerned about battery compatibility and run time rather than extremely high lumens.

I'd rather have a single output mode.

I will primarily use an 18650 battery, but if it comes down to it, I want to be able to use 3AAA in a pinch or possibly 2xCR123 with an adapter tube.

I was thinking about using a single 1.4amp amc7135 driver. Will this work with the above battery configurations? Will I need some kind of buck/boost driver instead?

Thank you kindly for your input.

Should be fine for 18650 and 3*AAA but you'll need one that can handle up to 6v if you want to use 2*CR123's or up to 8.4v if you want to use 2*16340's.

Shiningbeam uses that driver and says you can use 2xCR123A with it, but not 2x16340's. It's not efficient with 6V since the regulators will burn off the extra voltage, but it can work.