Please recommend AAA or AA slim light with GREAT CLIP

I have a whole pile of lights but need something with a great clip which I can clip to my inside pants pockets (This is how I like to carry my light, in the same fashion people carry a pocket knife with clip.)

Any suggestions?

- Cheapish around 10-20USD from Chinese vendor (Can spend more, Id rather have a quality light I use vs something cheap I have to buy again…)

- Strong sturdy clip

- AAA or AA

- Thin walled (Something like Fenix LD10 is too bulky)

- Lightweight and not heavy so I can EDC it

  • I like a lanyard option in addition to the clip

My current fav EDC light is a StreamLight Stylus Pro in 2xAAA clipped to inside my pocket, just looking for something new (I know they make an 1xAAA version.)

Anything which really stands out?

Thank you!!!

So for example, this may be nice light, but has the wrong clip for me, I need something like a deeper carry pocket clip…

Lumintop tool. The clip is reversable and I beleive there is a later version with higher lumens. A lot of AAA seem to be twisties which are fine. I like this one as it’s a clicky but still can EDC.

Try this

Sorry, I just noticed the link is for the Magnet version without the clicky but you at least get the idea.