Please recommend me a light (Longish runtime, usb charge, HIGH lumens)

Hi team,

Need recommendation for the fam -


  • Light up a fairly big backyard
  • Mule preferably or pure flood (mule is Vinh territory I know… price isn’t too much of a concern but prefer budget…)
  • High lumens, warmish tint preferred (but not 4000k warm)
  • At least an hour on fairly high setting.
  • Easy charging pref with usb (i.e no seperate chargers or fumbling around with cells and polarity)

Can a flashlight like popcan light satisfy?

I think the Manker popcan light has usb and meets most or all of above… but how long can you run those little guys on high? (hours?)

Possibly a different route needs to be taken… like those Olights… Marauder…?

Thanks for any input guys/gals!

Manker U12?

And if that’s too expensive, maybe look at Sofirn SP33 V3.

i will watch this thread for input as well. im a newbie

Like 3000k warm?

Unno, but I’d look into a dedicated COB light with the right spex.