PLEASE...When can TAPATALK support be added?

Vote for TAPATALK support!! :smiley:

Mods/admins, any idea when will you support tapatalk?

No time soon, unfortunately. :frowning: I would be happy to install it if possible, but Drupal (the engine that runs BLF) isn’t supported by Tapatalk, and it probably never will be.

My apologies!

In someway tho, its a blessing in disguise!!

Imagine being on this forum while commuting, waiting at doctors or any other boring places where you are. It would not only hurt the wallet but soon, you’d be so broke, you’d have to sell the walled itself :smiley:

No! Now I will be spending even more time on the forums. :P

Great! Yet another forum with posts by people who don’t know how to turn off a signature that tells us what kind of phone they have on EVERY post…

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Thanks for signing up, kazibole!

Unfortunately that Tapatalk project for Drupal isn’t going anywhere. They haven’t released any code yet, and there are no signs of progress.

Any updates ?

Unfortunately no, there will almost surely never be Tapatalk for Drupal.

Well, it is a big undertaking and then there is always the need to keep the mod updated as changes occur to both the Drupal and the tapatalk product.

Hmm, I’m kinda sad I found this topic when searching for tapatalk here, I follow a few forums and having tapatalk compatibility would be great for browsing BLF on mobile

I’m not against tapatalk or similar apps when they are used properly, but I surely love the fact that this forum isn’t riddled with “Sent with” spam.
Because that’s what it is, spam, and should be treated as such.

I agree with Agro, and it is not because I rarely am on mobile (in fact, I am on mobile nearly all of the time; I'm serious).

Fellows you need to empower yourselves and ditch using rogue applications, no matter how convenient they appear to be. When I wasn't an Android root user I would often get pissed off each time I visited some new forum because of some sort of spamming pop-ups inquiring me to install a PoS named Crapatalk. On top of this, it seems each time you post something using that tool, the PoS adds the spamming postscripts Agro already pointed out.

As good as an application can be, if their creators promote any sort of bad practices and/or threats the whole thing crumbles.

Cheers (you can now hit the Gross! button)

I’d be perfectly content if the forum software detected the browser and hid the side bar for mobile browsers.

leaftye, you mean the bar with the Search box, Main Menu, Private Messages… Related Sites and some random ads? Just zoom in the threads column and that's it, this way you can scroll to the left to make use of it or zoom out.

Force enabling zoom is a must for me (my browser identifies itself as desktop and my system as Linux instead of Android).

Cheers :-)

Wellp, I know people who do web design for a living, try to do it properly, and get positively buried in all sorts of requirements. Before, it was just Netscape and Exploder (“Frontpage ain’t done ’til Netscape won’t run!”, eg, open 6 nested tables and intentionally only close 5), but then when everyone and his grandmother started writing their own browsers, none of which could even come close to passing the Acid2 test, things started spiralling out of control.

Then there was backwards compatibility with older html versions.

Forget about any kind of graceful degradation if javascript is turned off. Before, some cutesy special effects wouldn’t work. Nowadays, all you get is a blank page.

Was it Midori (browser engine) that didn’t even support javascript in any form? Way to lock out a whole class of users!

Now, throw in “mobile” browsers: tablets, phablets, phones, all with random screen sizes and aspect-ratios.

An article I read recently was P&Ming about sites that still used sidebars, taking up “valuable real-estate” on mobile screens. Okay, so now sites are supposed to completely rewrite their sites to try to stuff all that info on a sidebar… where? across the top of the screen instead? Bad enough these damned browsers have so much crap along the top (the infamous Monkey$oft “ribbon”, anyone?), now overstuff that and leave a little keyhole at the bottom of the screen for content?

Makes you want to quit web-design entirely and just become a florist.

And no, thank B’harni (pbuh!) I don’t do web-design for a living.

tapatalk would be great. but it looks ok on my phablet or tablet.

I also was also sort of breastfed with all of this browser skirmish sheesh of the early and not so early days, along with the evolution of the operating systems running behind.

The advent of the mobile era has meant an incredible growth of user base for the internet, bunchs of terribly uneducated users along with myriads of new developers with dubious skills and purposes. The online software stores are filled with crap software and this, unfortunately, is not a joke.

All of this @#$% has made the life of old school internet users harder instead of easier. What a pity is to browse horrid sites with dumbass onscreen squatter bars eating up valuable screen real state. Sorry web designers, isn't it much more convenient to leave the bar at the top of the page along with a small “go to the top” button at the side? C'mon!

Then there are sites (like AliExpress) prompting mobile devices not to allow them to resize its page… Oh, God! I flap my bird to all of you!

The story goes on and on.

Cheers :-)

There are only 2 browsers, desktop chrome and mobile chrome XD

That’s 1 actually, but you get it

Anyway, I didn’t foresee this was a kinda sensitive topic. I have been using tapatalk for forums for a long time and it’s almost second nature to me, so I miss it when I browse a forum on mobile, specially one that does not change from it’s desktop layout and you have to zoom in and out a lot.

As for the woes of tapatalk, I guess the admin can disable the tapatalk popup for everyone who prefers the browser experience (not many people use tapatalk anyway, or there would have been a lot more topics like this one in search) and the app default signature not only can be changed as easily as the desktop forum signature, but is less space consuming and less distractive than many regular user signatures you put up with because you just got used to them