Plotter foil to label flashlights

I am looking for a foil that can be cut and labeled using a plotter.
So for example use a permanent marker to write some stuff on then cut it out to create a quality looking label.
I know some labeling machines work ok, but I am looking for something that sticks better and has a higher quality look.
As far as I know not every glue is fit to be used on the aluminium hosts from most lights. (looking for something to stick on a Thorfire TK15S)
Have seen some Oracal (for example 951) foils that sound like they could do the job, but unsure if those can be written on.
Really looking for something permanent, labels from labeling machines tend to get loose after a while.

Does anyone have experience with this and has good suggestions for a foil and a pen that can be used in a plotter?
(can 3d print pen holder, just need a pen that sticks to the foil)

If you really want something permanent, the anodizing can be laser etched.

Yeah, but I don’t have the tools to do laser etching. Looking for something that can be done with what I have :wink:

How does V54 do his engravings?

good question.

As I said, I don’t want to engrave it. Don’t have the tools to do classic or laser engraving. But I have a plotter with two tool heads, so pen and cut solution is what I am looking for.

Dremel ?

V54 engraving and Disassemble Station Part 1 of 2: V54 Engraving & Disassembly Station Part 1 of 2 - YouTube
V54 engraving and Disassemble Station Part 2 of 2: V54 engraving and Disassemble Station Part 2 of 2 - YouTube

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Back to topic I am going to try Oracal 951 now. Datasheet sounds like it comes close to what I am looking for.
Going to first try a Pilot twin marker. Seems they are recommended even by lab workers because it is very resistant.
Would like to try sharpies but white ones with extra fine point are impossible to get in Europe it seems and not willing to pay 20 bucks for shipping for just a pen.