Pls recommend a good place to purchase Tenergy NiMH D 10000mAH, plus charger too

Currently the cheapest is at batteryjunction, any other places?

I ordered 8 12000mah Titanium D-cells and 2 chargers from battery junction and their service and shipping were great. Will definitely use them as a vendor again.

You got the TK70 as well? LOL!

Hi there 2100, sorry to hijack your thread. ;)

Are there any good budget lights that use 1 or 2 D-cells? D-cells are the most ubiquitous cells of all where I live, because most people still use the old Rayovac-style clunky incandescent lanterns. But I would be interested in a modern, affordable 1xD-cell budget light.

LOL, not quite. I made a 4D mag mod with a SST-90 on a Cu-101 heatsink and a 10amp linear driver. Need good NiMh D-cells to draw 10 amps without sagging. No alkalines in this light!

Haven't really decided if I like the look of the TK-70 yet. I know I don't have an "Extra" $200 for one though....

Yeah, stupid toilet plunger look. But I am a very performance + value for money oriented person. If it throws 6 million lux @ 1m and is made up of sewer pipes and costs $200, i'll take it!

A couple of these small sun lights just showed up on Manafont for D cell use. I think Maglite rules the D cell word as far as I know.

That is just wicked. The lower efficiency of a Q5 just does not matter with such lights. Enough battery juice as well as enough thermal mass with the batteries able to sink any heat and seriously i don't think it even goes past 1A. Does it even get warm man? Small emitter so it would throw well with the zoomie if you decide to check things out in your large attic's ceiling and around the garden if you have a large house, and if you need a wide spot for close-up use you can pull it back. Quite useful for in the house use, you don't want EDCs as you would just lose it around the house.

Some random links to compare (these are propably expensive, but are you going to get LSD or Regular?).

I bought 2x Tenergy premium 10´000´s from all-battery.

Not sure why I took premiums over regulars OR LSD-ones. Maybe I was confused or propably assumed, that Premiums can handle better the 5A+ current, which my LAmbda 2D needs. Can´t remember, really...

That is really cheap. If it works (even barely), has somekind of heatsinking and a real Q5, what a long-runner!

1-mode but still, with 3xD you are looking to what, like 10hrs of runtime?! wheeeee.....

Anyone take a review on this

Think about it: this with good efficiency driver + modes = nice emergency backup? Could these Fusion dropins go in these? :)

I also saw this light earlier today and my mind got in all kind of directions in regards to modding. But unfortunately, it looks like it's heatsinked very poorly. Look at this picture:

If anyone got the guts($$) to order it, I'd love a review :)

I'd not say very poorly, but just decently and probably more than enough. If it cruises by at just 1A, that is fine. I think i see some thermal glue. Obviously that is not a Dereelight pill and won't do 1.5A of course. But I'd say it drops way less than a P60 XM-L. LOL!

To my eye, for XR-E that seems quite enough as heatsink. Star might need proper screws to keep in place or thermal glue. Otherwise that seems like there is some size of aluminum lump behind that LED.

As 2100 said, I would also quess it´s underdriven. My Solarforce L2m with 3-mode R2 does barely heat in use, it´s driven at ~1A.

Hey, at least there should be plenty of room to insert an aluminum plate :)

Really? To me it looks like the star is only attached to the rest of the light at the sides of the star. It doesn't look like there is anything behind the star to me.

Any guinea pigs who dare order? :)