Pocket Clips

First post Gotta start somewhere

Just came from Niteize web site and saw

they are now offering pocket clips on the

X series lights XS X1 X2 etc

Thought I would share for those who

wished they had them

And no I don't work for them

On topic of pocket clips I have seen a few posts of scratching up bodies installing clips

on lights that come with them. Had a thought, if you take some very thin plastic like say

the blister package plastic from whatever product that was bought and wrap a piece

around body, snap on clip or slide it on, then slide out plastic strip. Prob. have to hold

the clip back so as not to let it move around in the process.

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I use good quality drinking straws to remove or place clips.

Now that’s a great tip !
Thanks !


I use plastic heatshrink tube like one that is on 18650 cells. I slide it on flashlight and then put clip over it. It can be pulled out easy.

Just bought these from KD a few days ago:


Also, this one: Olight Pocket Clip for T20 Pocket Clip for sale online | eBay

I find I tend to take along even some bigger flashlights if I can clip them to the slack pants.

I have no idea about pocket clips :question: