POCKET ROCKET... My XinTD arrived today.

XinTD V3 U3
*Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
*Brightness: 1050lumens
*Reflector: Smooth aluminum reflector
*LED lifespan: 50.000 hours
*Power supply (Not Included): 1*18650 Li-ion
*Nanjg 105C (7135*8 380mA), constant current circuit
*Switch: Tailcap reverse clicky switch
*Reverse polarity protection
*AR coated glass lens
*Memory function
*Finish: Hard Anodize
*Waterproof IPX-8
*Dimensions: 155(length) x 25(body) x 45(head)
*Weight: 185 grams (without battery)

Awesome little light… Quite small & very well made. The tailcap measurement was 2.63. This little sucker blew the other C8 style light I have away. Very focused BRIGHT beam… Well worth looking into.

i’m confused… did you get U3 or XM-L2?
or did you just copy and paste the specs from the website? :stuck_out_tongue:
do you have supfire X5 to compare it with? i wonder which one is brighter between them 2

thanx for the heads up… Its the U3… Dont have the supbeam.

Love the quality, but it needs at least 3.5A on copper, then you got something there Smile!

Those specs are confusing - says XM-L2 but you got XML U3. I think the 1050 lumens is over-rated too, from my testing with the XinTD. But still, outstanding light, outstanding quality -- Enjoy!!

Thanks Tom!

Nice light Dale. I only had the good fortune to play with Suncoasters light similar to yours for a couple of months (lucky bugger I was) and I agree with your sentiments. Suncoasters was pulling 2.8 amps on a Laptop battery. I modded a C8 from a Q5 to a XM-L running 3 amps. I spent a long time getting the reflector right. The XinTD with a larger hot spot was visibly brighter at 120 meters. This is a well tuned light.

for the sun to go down…… Can’t wait to see it how it does.

so, do you get the xintd mystery now? :bigsmile:

I was a bit surprised. Didnt expect it to be so bright for such a small light.

Would version 4 be better?

Not certain if the V4 has U3 emitters yet…

That hotspot seems pretty big albeit beautiful, how far away is that wall? Is camera zoomed in?

I have the v4 on order. Should be in any day now hopefully. Mine should be the XM-L2 T6 version which is about the same as the U3 I think. It should be my second best throwing C8 after the monster that Tom E built me. Looking forward to it.

Bout 50 feet… No zoom…

The only difference between the V3 & V4 is emitters & lumens. The V4 has like 70 more lumens than the V3.

i can almost guarantee the c8 xml2 from lightmalls will out throw that and be just as bright or brighter.
i just recieved that the other day and i just cant get over how powerful that thing is in stock form.

I find it so hard to fight this…how much was it?

What a ridiculous title. 155mm is not really a pocket rocket. Do you carry a man purse or something?

Be interesting to research…. Oh & thanx for pissing on my campfire. :smiley: