Pocketable light with rapid strobe

Strobe needs to be reasonably easily accessable ‘tactical’ (no cycling through 5 modes to get to strobe, etc)
Preferable running off 18650 or AA/14500
Faster strobe the better or even pulsating irregular strobe (like the predator has I think but on a smaller light)


The Thrunite Explorer series has this. Some of the smallest lights in their class. A fast, irregular strobe is accessed by holding the “on” button. Just one to look into.

Sounds like my Quark 123 X Tactical. I have a AA body on it and it gives about 400 lumens of strobe with 14500s. Only thing you have to do is to program strobe to head tightened or loosened position.

What about Klarus XT series ?

XT2C - 18650

XT1A - AA only, 14500 not supported.

The Ultrafire UF-T50 is not too big, and uses a 18650 battery.
Just doubleclick to switch to strobe, no need to go throug a lot of modes.

Cheers guys, will take a look at those options! :slight_smile:

ooohh… we may have a winner… the Klarus X11 looks like exactly what I need!
Just saw the goinggear youtube vid of it, very nice! Cheers RE