[Poll] Choice Of Superpower!!!

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I’d go for flight and or control of time

The world has changed and its landscape is altered forever. You have been granted a choice of Superpowers. Make a wise decision as you cannot go back on your choice. Oh, perhaps a short explanation on why you made your choice too. :slight_smile:

Haha flight and time control weren’t on there when I commented


The choices are all supernatural. Human beings are not capable of making this type of selection. It’s like asking do you like black or white. The answer is infinite.

That depends, what kind of healing are we talking about? Would my body repair damage due to normal aging? Healing would be a clear winner for me then. Some of those other powers you could theoretically age too much to use (or use safely).

What about teleportation? Either instantaneous relocation or through the use of other-dimensional portals.

Invisibility and animal language are irrelevant once you get mind control :smiley:

You can still weigh hypothetical pros and cons.

For example, flying means free transportation as long as you are physically able to keep up…whatever it is your body does to fly. Free transportation would allow you to spend car money on other things and still travel more than the average person. Downside is that presumably you can get to old to fly and also, if you can fly you can also crash.

It’s also a bit like a personality test. Would you choose something practical? Something whimsical? Mind control is a bit problematic…

You are assuming the afterlife is two dimensional.

No I assume that life after death is incorporeal.

I chose healing.

If I get sick or injured, I'll recover quickly.

Plus, I can be given an adamantium skeleton with adamantium claws!

If it's healing of my own body, that implies the possibility of immortality. Not sure I want that even as an option.

If it's the ability to heal others, that's the ultimate in altruism. Last guy that could heal others got nailed to a cross.

I chose flight to have the ability to get outta Dodge in a hurry if I needed to, and also 'cause it's just fun.


- Invisibility - nop, someone could stick a finger in my bu77 inadvertidly if they didn’t see me :stuck_out_tongue:

- Strength - hum, good, but no! I’d have mind control to make people use their strength instead of me :smiley:

- Healing - good, specially in case of sickness, but I’d have mind control to make my brain working that way and heal :o

- Underwater Breathing - not really, I don’t like subaquatic adventures, but I’d have mind control to get all the submarines, and animal language to have a shark saving me :sunglasses:

- Super Speed - this would be nice, but I’d have animal language to hire BipBip to run faster with me on the back :stuck_out_tongue:

- Night Vision - I’m a flashaholic, that would be a waste of money for all the lights I’d bought :person_facepalming:

- Animal Language - OH YEAH! I’d speak to them and control their minds :stuck_out_tongue:

- Mind Control - OH YEAH! :nerd_face:

- Flight - Nop, I have vertigo! I could fly with Falkor, though :wink:

  • Time Control - I guess with mind control I’d have enough people to make my work and still delay the watches :smiley:

I’d only miss Weather Control! ’Cause that would help mind controlling and on animal language :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the best thread I’ve ever seen on any forum. I was literally thinking about this today.

I think perhaps telekinesis would be my choice. I’m one of the few people who absolutely loved the movie Push.

I even go back and forth on Wolverine w/ the unbreakable skeleton vs Wolverine without adamantium. In the latter scenario, he can only lift 800 lbs vs about 2 tons, however his healing factor is increased to incredible levels now that it doesn’t have to counteract the adamantium poisoning

But Xavier level telepathy and mind control would be probably the most useful. It would be hard though to not just walk into the United Nations building and declare yourself emperor of Earth (:

Yeah!! These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

time control would be cool to make you rich

but i often dream to be flying . my subconscience telling me that’s what i would really enjoy having as superpower


Or failing that, being able to “jump”, as long as there’s no Samu L Jackson chasing after me.

K. All of above

Same. I’m only 31 and I already wish I could revert my body to an earlier version with less mileage.

Flying was a close second though. Being able to fly would feel amazing and save tons of money on transportation. I’d be traveling all the time! And it would keep me thin too since flying must burn calories.

Immortality doesn’t necessarily include invincibility. The elves in Lord of the Rings are a good example. They live forever…unless something kills them. Realistically there has to be some level of trauma that disrupts your healing process too much for it to take effect.