[Poll] *Do You Leave batteries in for all your flashlights?*

I know members here have many flashlights. Some have a mix of big and small flashlights. Some use certain flashlights for certain tasks. Some mostly only use a few.
Anyways, my question is…

Do you keep batteries ready in your flashlights or do you only put batteries in when ready to use a certain flashlight?

In all the time , ready to go when needed.

I wondered the same thing, Keep them in all the time, or store them in cases.

I have been leaving them in, but loosen the tail caps. I don’t know if it’s necessary to loosen the caps, but for some unknown reason, I feel like it ’s the right thing to do :sunglasses:

Most of my flashlights don't have batteries in them.

The ones that I EDC do have batteries in them.

Mine all have batteries in them and they are fully charged.
I’m wondering if anyone actually has batteries they just keep at “storage” voltage.

Batteries in all and some spares available. Most are mechanical lock out.

I bought a lot of 18650s so any that aren’t in flashlights, I keep at storage voltage.

You must have gotten a good deal on them. Link? :slight_smile:

I got most of my batteries from IMR Batteries on Black Friday. The coupon made it slightly better than ordering from Illumn.

I assume the OP is talking about li-ion cells. I have batteries in 10 or so lights scattered around the house that are fully charged all the time. I also have about 15 that are charged to around 4.15v in the event that I need a battery immediately, and another 50 or so laptop pulls that I keep at around 3.7 volts.

Yes. Anything in a drawer is locked out.

No. I have more lights than batteries and I prefer to store batteries in the fridge, though I keep a number of cells in room temperature.

Only the ones with mechanical lockout. I just did my tri- monthly check on them and found 2 lights discharged down to around 3.51v so something was making contact. There are 2 that don’t have mechanical lockout that were at 4.12v after 3 months.

Maybe half of my lights are ready to use with full charge batteries and i have a bunch of batteries (pulled from laptop or other appliances battery packs) in stock, some at full charge, some at "storage" level

All my lights have charged batteries. All my AAA lights have lithium primaries.
The stored Li-ION lights are mechanical locked out (if possible).
If not possible (Cu, SS, Ti) I put a small plastic cup under the tailspring.
Only the lights in my rotation are not locked out.

Flashlight’s no use without a cell in it :smiley:
I don’t keep many lights so all have cells, the ones used infrequently are locked out & partially charged.

I have some 250 lights, all with charged cells in them ready to use. Also have quite a few cells on standby, charged and ready to go. Over 300 cells.

I do. They don’t leak, right?

where dem poll yo?

I kept them in my flashlights cuz I only bought enough for each so no storage boxes

I do the same.